Monday, August 3, 2009

Ellison Taking Heat in the 5th

Wow- check out Keith Ellison's townhall meeting on Saturday.

This is in Minnesota's 5th Congressional District, the land-o-liberals.

Picked up this post from Lassie over at Freedom Dogs.


John said...

Aren't Townhalls cool?

When is Representative Paulsen's next one?

Goose said...

Truth is better than fiction. My folks, who are Seniors on Medicare are not so happy with what is being discussed in Washington.

I think this may end up being Obama's Waterloo...

Sheila said...

Now THAT was a logical question! Good boy John!

Jim said...

According to the one pro-handout speaker, I guess the UN said healthcare is a right so that's why we should go against the will of the people (and what our economy can handle) and do it anyway. Yes, "reform" is needed. That means LESS government spending, not more.

Barb Davis White said "pimped" (insert Beavis and Butthead laughing).

In other news, imagine my surprise at the story that the "stimulus" isn't creating as many MN construction jobs as "projected" during the "campaign" for the boondoggle.

From that link:
Key goals of the economic stimulus package were to keep people from losing their jobs, to add new jobs and to update infrastructure.

Until recently, MNDOT has been saying that for every $1 million spent, as many as 27 jobs could be directly and indirectly created.

But those projections were based on what MnDOT says were old Federal Highway Administration figures. MnDOT now says the jobs numbers could be less than half that; a total of 5,400 jobs rather than 13,500.

University of Minnesota associate professor David Levinson, a civil engineer, said today's road construction is far less labor intensive than it used to be. Heavy machinery long ago replaced legions of men with shovels and pick axes.

Working on the road
As for the stimulus projects themselves, Levinson said one has to wonder just how necessary they are given that without the stimulus money, they were not among MnDOT's top priorities.

"In order to be shovel ready, it had to be already designed," Levinson said. "If it was a large project it had to have gotten its environmental permit and it had to have not been built yet.

"Now if a project has gone through a design and got its permits and people can't find money for it using then normal process, that indicates it's probably not the most important project to be finishing," he said.

Of course, while you're pushing for another government program, you overestimate the benefits and underestimate the cost, and then have the Unions and other useful idiots go "pimp" the program for you.

Not that there's something to learn about anything. That's all in the past. We need to look forward and "pimp" the idea of healthcare for everyone (and distorting catastrophe insurance into "free" routine care) without questioning the benefits and costs presented by the proponents.

And, as long as I'm rambling. One more observation: At least there is a "healthcare" debate going on and this wasn't rammed through without much discussion like far too many bills lately. There is also media/public discussion of this rather than just online. There wasn't such a chance before the House vote on Cap and Trade. That just happened with a little online warning and almost zero other media coverage other than perhaps a quick mention after the vote. What a scam that was.


Ellison was running around like Jerry Springer with that microphone. What better way to avoid answering questions!

The turnout looked good - standing room only (perhaps it was a strategic choice in venues). A straw poll from the crowd would indicate that they are overwhelmingly opposed to ObamaCare, yet we know that Ellison is going to vote for the plan no matter how expensive it is, or how much it destroys the current system. So why does he bother with a town hall meeting?

I was hoping that someone would have asked Keith "Hakim" Ellison about his all expenses paid hajj to Mecca - provided by the Muslim American Society of MN - that he refuses to disclose per House ethics rules, as a gift.

Congressman Collin Peterson (D-MN, 1st CD) should take note that not one person asked Ellison about any governmental cover-ups related to the 9/11 attacks.

John - I suggest you call Congressman Paulsen's local office @(952)405-8510 and have his staff address your off-topic concern.