Thursday, August 6, 2009

Elitism and Disdain from the Left

Republicans can't win- we're either hillbillies with missing teeth who shop at Wal Mart, or we're "the Brooks Brothers Brigade" as White House press secretary Robert Gibbs us.

Barbara Boxer's arrogance, as she stands there in her designer duds, is jaw-dropping.

The elitist attitude whereby the Obamas are hailed as "Vanity Fair's Best Dressed", but the common-folk aren't allowed to match a top and skirt....breathtaking.

By the way- I was at a protest yesterday- I sported a black knit skirt from Target with a white tee-shirt from Ann Taylor Loft. What I wore is inconsequential, what I videotaped is not.

More soon.


Mary said...

Well, Jon buys things from Brooks Brothers outlet and I am missing a tooth and shop at Wal-Mart. And damn proud of it!

These people are scaring the HELL out of people. And the "fishy" list is insane. Imagine the crap Bush would have been given if he had sent out such an email.

I am disgusted. And livid.

Sheila said...

I love Wal Mart

Goose said...

Robert Gibbs is a putz. He may be the only guy out there more smug than Obama.

Barbara Boxer - I object to you. You are right, it is intended to change the Congress and get you and others of your ilk out of there.

So defensive and sensitive these people in power are. Where is all the ramrodding of legislation since they have the majority? It's because it's people in their own party who aren't on board and the American people don't believe this change is needed when 5 out of 6 are happy with health care and 4 of 5 are happy with their health insurance. The are trying to sell a lie and people aren't buying it.

The British are coming!!! The British are coming!!!