Wednesday, August 5, 2009

All in the Family

Here's my sister on Fox and Friends a couple weeks ago, promoting her website, Gipper's List

And here's my brother Tom with DFL Don Shelby!

It's a strange new segment where Don poses as a shoe shiner on Nicollet Mall to engage people, although he does very little engaging in my opinion.

This link is the extended cut of what appeared on the news last night, as my brother said, "the longer, even more boring version"

Pretty cool to have such a politcally active bunch. You can bet we've had some pretty good dinner-table conversations.


Jim said...

The Judge! Judge Napolitano (not to be confused with Janet Napolitano) usually has interesting things to talk about on his show, Freedom Watch.

Mary did a good job. Gipper's List has quite a few more posts since I visited last.

Is it me, or was Don trying to do a shoe-shiner accent/dialect a little bit with that skit? Throw in some poor grammar here and there to sound like a stereotypical black shoe-shiner? Or maybe he's a boob without a prompter... and a bigger one with a prompter ;)

Your bro didn't seem to be such a rabid Republican, but I suppose that's how most people are when they are on TV. Don't want to be an "extremist" on camera, especially if Shelby might scuff your shoes.

Sheila said...

Don did have a dialect- he did the exact same thing when introducing singers/band at the Ronald McDonald benefit a few years back- it's odd.

My brother fully supported John McCain in 2000 and 2008- big fan of his.


What did Mary mean by "San Francisco values"?

Actually, I think I know. It is one of the greatest perjoratives of all time, and a most apt characterization of Craig's list.

Brother Tom played it cool on the politics, even though DFL Don seemed to be baiting him a bit.

I've been watching Don Shelby since long before he became a mouthpiece for liberals. To be honest, I don't think DFL Don likes Obama very much and will always have a soft spot for the Clintons.

Jim hit the nail on the head with the accent. DFL Don thows out the Indiana drawl for effect when ever he talks about bass fishin' or basketball, and perhaps black folk.