Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Taxpayer-Funded Liberal Media Machine

Here's the email I just received from Minnesota Public Radio:

When they return from summer recess, members of Congress will be set to debate several proposals for revamping the health care system. We want to learn whether the proposals on the table will solve the real problems you deal with in health care.

How has the health care system failed you?
Share your experience with Minnesota Public Radio News.

The problems with the current health care system are too numerous to count. More than 45 million people lack insurance. Many million more struggle to pay for adequate health care.Yet the debate is hard to follow for even the savviest news consumer. We'd like to help engage you in the process by connecting your day-to-day health care concerns with the policy proposals being discussed in Washington.

To do so, we've teamed up with ProPublica, an independent, nonprofit investigative reporting newsroom, to explore whether Congress is addressing Americans' real, day-to-day health care concerns. Tell us how the health care system has (or hasn't) failed you. Share your story.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Andrew Haeg

Public Insight EditorMinnesota Public Radio News

Somebody else did the research on ProPublica-- here some of it:

ProPublica is the brainchild of Herbert and Marion Sandler, the former chief executives of the Golden West Financial Corporation, who have committed $10 million a year to the project.[2] The Sandlers hired Paul Steiger, former managing editor of the Wall Street Journal, to create and run the organization.

Because ProPublica received the vast majority of its initial funding through the Sandlers – known for donating heavily to left-wing advocacy groups – there were concerns that the organization would not maintain an independent and non-partisan editorial stance toward the subjects it investigates.[3] In addition, Slate senior writer Jack Shafer noted that Herb Sandler has given "hundreds of thousands of dollars" to Democratic party candidates over the years, as well as millions to left-leaning or progressive political advocacy organizations such as MoveOn and ACORN.[4] The Sandler Family Supporting Foundation has also made grants to Oceana, Rocky Mountain Institute, Environmental Defense and the Tides Foundation.[5]

Recent news partners have included 60 Minutes, CNN, USA Today, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Albany Times Union, the Newark Star-Ledger, the New York Sun, Huffington Post, Politico,, Slate, MSN Money,, Reader's Digest, Business Week, and among others.

Herb Sandler has also given major bucks to Barack Obama. Interestingly enough, I also received an email from our dear leader today with a call to action to support Obamacare.

So we get an email from 501c3 TAX EXEMPT organization MPR today--an organization who received $5.5 Million from taxpayers last year--with the unabashedly leading question "How has the health care system failed you?" MPR coordinates with fellow TAX EXEMPT and left-wing founded/funded organization ProPublica to provide "insight".

The vast majority of Americans are happy with their medical care and their insurance coverage, 89% say they're happy with the quality of medical care they receive, 88% say their overall insurance coverage is good or excellent. 57% say they're satisfied with their own health care costs. But the media wants to push the lie that the vast majority of Americans are unhappy and leads to the other numbers in the polls which indicate although individuals are satisfied personally, they are not satisfied with the overall health care in this country.

When you have this type of machine that keeps pushing out the misinformation (which they accuse the other side of doing,) how are we supposed to actually solve anything?


Jon said...

"The vast majority of Americans are happy with their medical care and their insurance coverage, 89% say they're happy with the quality of medical care they receive, 88% say their overall insurance coverage is good or excellent."

But does that mean they are happy with health care policy?

"57% say they're satisfied with their own health care costs."

Possibly, but they shouldn't be. I don't think anyone who looks at these things closely on any side of the discussion, believes that health care costs aren't too high. The debate isn't over whether health care costs need to be lowered, the debate is over how.

Sheila said...

"But does that mean they're happy with health care policy?"

I think the polls shows what I point out, that not everyone is happy with policy, but I make the case that is a function of the left-wing media machine. Also there could be conservatives like me in those numbers-I'm not happy with policy because I don't approve of the abuses of Medicaid and the fact that Medicare and Medicaid will lead to the bankrupting of our nation and that only 60% of Americans now have any federal income tax liability to pay for all of the spending.

"Possibly, but they shouldn't be"

Spoken like a true liberal

Government intervention is what has skewed the market causing higher health insurance costs for those w/ private insurance. A gvt monopoly will further worsen the problem creating a true 2-tier system where "the rich" will have the best care and everyone else will have adequate care. (If the gvt allows Doctors to practice outside the system that is and there is language in the legislation which brings that into question.) Then we'll all just have the care that the government- not the individual American- decides that we deserve.

I'm a small-government person though, you may be for big government so you'll see another solution- albeit one that doesn't work.

Gall Bladder surgery used to mean 5days in the hospital- now it's basically an out-patient procedure. Do you think that we will continue to move forward with this progress with a government monopoly of the health care industry?

Sure we can lower costs- but you simply won't have the same quality of care today, you won't have private industry investing in the R&D which makes things better, faster, easier, cures diseases, leads to less invasive procedures on and on. You won't have scanners in every mid-sized city in the U.S. for your tests. You won't have the best and brightest wanting to practice medicine, you'll have the people who want the government to pay for their medical school in exchange for their servitude to AmeriCorps....This is how the free market works, this is the truth.