Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Take No Prisoners, Make No Compromises

Obama, Pelosi and their gang of liberals purposely fail to include:

1. Nuclear Energy as a part of the solution to the energy question


2. Tort reform as part of the healthcare equation--even with a government-run plan, you won't be able to sue the government, but you can still sue your doctor

Don't these facts demonstrate that THEY are the party so beholden to special interests (the enviro-lobby and the trial lawyers,) that they don't really care about the cost or effectiveness of any of the policies they advocate and pass into law? They only care about their money train.

Obama wants to pay doctors based on the quality of care they provide (I wonder if his doctor would get docked because Obama won't quit smoking?) Funny how pay-for-quality was decried by liberals and conservatives alike when it was under Bush "No Child Left Behind," but now it's the answer to our health care costs.

Can we pay politicians for the quality they provide?


suburban prep said...

I like your last question.
Also politicians do not have to worry about health care. They will have it paid for.
If Obama gets his way then people who are Ted Kennedy's age (the age of my parents) will be obsolete. According to Obama and Pelosi there would be no need to give them any health care. If Ted Kennedy were part of the "regular" man group he would be considered obsolete.
I hope to God this thing fails.

My sister had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma stage 4 and if she had been treated in a country with the type of healthcare that Obama wants in the US, I do not think that she would be alive today. Not only is she alive but she is a mother, a sister , a wife , a daughter and a friend to many.

Jim said...

Have you seen the long page-by-page breakdown of the health care bill that's been floating around the internet?

Sheila said...

Yes- I've been trying to read the bill (up on my screen for a few days now) and it's all accurate from what I've read so far...

Truly astounding