Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Poetry Contest

Due to reader demand, I think it's time for another poetry contest.

I found this dandy on the local Eden Prairie 501c3 group website "Writers Rising Up"

Mother Earth Cries

Listen to the suffering whispers of the trees
Why doesn't anyone worry about the dying bees
Global warming, toxic air, acid rain
Mother Earth screams out in pain
The plague of mankind too much to bear
Raping her resources; no one seems to care
Polar caps melt like ice cream on a summer day
Will our children have a safe place to play?
Seems always comes down to the mighty dollar
Why aren't we hot under the collar?
Haven't had a white Christmas in a year or two
Perhaps Mr. Winter like geese south flew
The blue marble spun long before man came along
Nature no longer sings its peaceful song
Peace was held for many years
Many laughs and many tears
The nations all sung a simple song
Praying and hoping for it to last for long
Suddenly a shot was heard
Round the entire mighty earth
A great war was given birth
People pleaded and fell on their knees
No longer barriers between the seas
The once fertile land was tore
The human race existed no more

Credit to: Alan Hasan Wittmer, Mayer, MN and the Writer's Rising Up Blog

Well, Robert Frost he is not, but I could do a splendid dramatic reading of it nevertheless and it's inspiring enough for a contest. We've had a haiku contest and limerick contest....this is just a "general" poetry contest as I can't tell what meter the poem above is written in, feel free to enlighten me.

Rule 1: Subject matter must encompass 1. Cap and trade/Global Warming and/or 2. Obamacare

Rule 2: You must say what you think the Writers are Rising up Against

All worthy submissions will receive their very own blog post. You could get discovered! (The economy's having an impact on the types of prizes I can offer.) I will also do a dramatic reading of the poem at a local restaurant with one drink on me. So, off we go....


Mary said...

Sheila--I sent my poem to your email. Pasting it in the comment box ruined my stanzas.

After reading your link and featured WRU poem I would say:

Writers Rising Up Against...Writing!

Jim said...

Since a limerick is a poem...

They tell us we cause global warming;
That our way of life needs transforming;
Not asking for proof;
We bow to that goof;
And watch how the tax men start swarming.

The writers are rising up to "defend place, natural habitat, wetlands." Of course, a reader might be confused by the writer's questionable style in that phrase. Defending what place? Don't we need some kind of modifier? My place, your place, our place, the place in tax code that helps funky organizations avoid taxes? What about putting "and" before the last item in a list? Oh, that's right, they are poets, so rules don't apply. At least the poem you pasted rhymes. Looking at their other posts, I don't see many others that do. I more or less dismiss all non-rhyming poems as the equivalent of no-talent modern art where paint is randomly splashed around as though an ape made it.

How hard is it to rhyme? Not all all when the internet will do it for you.

That blog is a 501c3? So the blog owner can use one post every few months to qualify as a non-profit and dodge all kinds of taxes? Yes, I use my car for important writer's uprising meetings. And all my computers... and office supplies... and groceries... etc. What a racket... and a good idea!


[WRUP is rising up against the all that is right (i.e correct and conservative). They are mostly a bunch moonbats who feel alone in a conservative district. WRUP was founded by the "fact checking" Moonbat-in-Chief Vicki-Pellar Price in 2001. http://wrupblog.blogspot.com/ ]


Rising up against the use of the fuels that power their own vehicles, as well as what keeps them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
Rising up against (as an eco-hysteria front for the Democratic Party) Constitutional rights which they consider to be an inconvenient truth.

Whatever The Reason

Will polars bears drown and penguins boil
As the result of mans' use of coal and oil
The sun burns bright and heats us each day
Yet man is the culprit, so the liberals say

When the hockey stick graph was proven a myth
Global warming proponents pleaded the fifth.
Climate change became the new catch-phrase
Ignoring the impact of solar rays

It's simply a political ruse, to create a new tax
backed by Al Gore's talking points, and junk science facts.
Waxman/Pelosi push through a new bill
More job-killing news from Capitol Hill.

Meanwhile Obama announces free health care for all
It's to be America's version of the Berlin Wall.
Access to doctors will now be rationed
A plan that Vladi, would be proud to have fashioned

Socialized medicine or whatever you call it
Obama wants it now, and don't you dare stall it
With Congress soon in recess and the plan now on hold
We can't afford to wait, or so we are told

They say it's all free, they'll just tax the rich
Paying more is patriotism, the Democrats new pitch
Social Security and Medicare have proven a bust
Yet a much larger plan Obama says is a must

The White House and Congress controlled by the left
To those who pay taxes this means more government theft
Socialized Medicine, Cap and Trade, or whatever the reason
To the Democrats in Washington, it's always tax raising season


Mary, you made me laugh. "It's funny because it's true!" - Homer Simpson

WRUP is to writing, as Al Franken* is to comedy.

Mary said...

The "penguins boil" is killing me.