Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Poetry

I'm thoroughly enjoying reading the poetry under yesterday's post.

I will declare a winner at the end of the week, I hope for many more entries.

My sister was having problems posting, so she emailed her submission:

I'd like to give a big shout out to Lord Byron on this one. I had to base it on my favorite poem ever. Well, one of the "top three" anyways...

HE talks in beauty, like the night
Of even existence and emission-free skies;
And all that’s best of lark and spite
Is hidden from his follower’s eyes:
Words mellow’d by the TOTUS might
Which Gibsy to questioners denies.
Some will get more, some will get less,
Socialism defined as grace
Beats beneath his muscular chest,
And softly brightens o’er his face;
For making us the same is His success
From car, to health, to dwelling-place.

Not with a push but with a plow,
So stealth, and smart, and eloquent,
The smiles that win the media’s glow.
We’ll tell of days in goodness spent,
To our children on whom He will bestow,
America the irrelevant.

And, from my brother-in-law. He doesn't follow Jim's rhyming rule, but still--so compelling.

Who is this friend that lectures me?
What causes him to care so much?
For me,
For mine,
For what I do;
Hold me,
scold me,
and eschew
those things he finds, in me, a flaw –
but not in he,
his hold, a clutch.

May I just say that these submissions (plus the two under the original post,) are so far superior than the local writers who are "rising up". And you know, you just know it took them weeks of thought to come up with their poems.

I love my readers.

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Jim said...

Yeah, some awesome entries.

I must note that there's all kinds of good rhyming in that "brother-in-law's" poem. It's certainly not a limerick, but it's a very well crafted poem with the rhyming more spread out (line 2's "much" goes with the last line's "clutch," "I do" goes with "eschew," etc.).