Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More Money, No Jobs

Obama's sinknig $12 Billion of your tax money into Community Colleges...shouldn't Community Colleges be funded by the Community-- by the state? And, aren't we broke?

Community colleges are only two-year institutions, but the Obama administration says they could play a key role in helping boost the ailing economy for years to come.

President Obama also announced a goal of 5 million additional community-college graduates by 2020.

To underscore that contention Tuesday, the president unveiled the American Graduation Initiative, a 10-year, $12 billion plan to invest in community colleges.

This is ON TOP OF the Stimulus spending.

Perhaps we need more entrepreneurs and less students because we need some serious job-creation now-- not more government-created jobs.

What JOBS are all of these students going to have when they graduate?

Oh- per the article, one of the 4 points of the Obama plan is:

Modernization of community-college facilities, with $2.5 billion to help renovate facilities and keep up with maintenance costs. The renovations will create jobs, Obama said.

That's great. Fixing up Normandale will create jobs. Are these people serious?

They want to create a country where everybody's in school, you become a government-paid doctor, nurse, teacher, or social worker, you all pay high-taxes, but get a lot of time off....sound familiar?


Jim said...

Yay, expect Comm[unity/unist?] college tuition to go up even more as various people, already looking for things to do since they can't find a job, will pile into the schools waving their financial aid checks.

Artificially create more demand, leave the supply more or less the same, and even your basic community college econ class will tell you that the price will go up.

That said, I'm not knocking them. In reality, a two year degree (though very expensive) opens the door to a lot of jobs smart/qualified/motivated people wouldn't otherwise be able to get. Not everyone needs a four year degree (that expectation just raises tuition there and wastes years of people's lives, in some cases). Some don't even need a high school diploma for that matter. I'd obviously recommend more education, but some people just don't go for it.

I'd say don't force education on people if they don't want it or can't hack it (i.e., if someone wants to drop out at 16, why force him back into school to disrupt classes, etc., get some phony diploma when he can hardly read, and then go to college on a government grant), but don't give them food stamps, section 8, etc., as an alternative way to obtain food and shelter and then allow millions of illegals in to do the unskilled work. There are supposedly 14.7 million unemployed people, 33 million people on food stamps, and 12-20 million illegals... surely you can wean some people off the welfare or unemployment insurance and point them toward the jobs the illegals do, which would be more available after we've stopped coddling them with sanctuary cities, birthright citizenship, and other incentives that attract them. The numbers probably don't perfectly overlap, but there should be several million that do. And I'm not calling for a massive government job redistribution program. Once some of the artificial intervention of the welfare system was toned down, the free market would work on its own to encourage people to take the jobs that "Americans won't do" (when they have welfare as an alternative).

Anyway, $12B is an extremely large amount of money for this community college thing, but these large numbers have been thrown around so often in the last decade or so (and last couple years especially) that it's lost all meaning. "$12B, that's hardly anything compared to the $787B or $700B or $1.1T deficit so far this year, sure, pile on another $12B for "education," why not, spend spend spend... it's all stimulus! There can't possibly be any consequences in a year or five of 0% interest rates, extreme debt, and rampant money creation" (of course, no one even thinks that last bit, they have no idea where money comes from... "the rich" or something).

Plus, the $12B won't just be for "performance-based scholarships" as you'd suspect from reading those few words. It'll be a wild combo of thinly veiled affirmative action and "reverse" discrimination that has an extremely distorted view of "performance" and more emphasis on "equity" of "subgroups" that never seem to score well on various tests no matter how they try to engineer the tests to eliminate the "achievement gap" than on scholarships for the highest scoring people regardless of their ethnicity and background (not that I'd necessarily favor a federal program for that, either).

It's obviously a wonderful thing for those who get the handouts, but the hidden costs should be considered. In spite of what the government would have you believe, resources are not infinite (even with a money machine), the time/effort spent on all this stuff comes at the expense of something else. That and they have no constitutional authority to do any of it... funny how that works... the constitution guides people to the best long-term outcome... hmm... better ignore that crazy old thing. If we stuck to that we wouldn't be able to try to solve all the problems we've created by ignoring it before (and create bigger problems in the process).

And that's enough rambling from me for a while.

Jon said...

Yes, the state is broke. That's why it needs money from the federal government.

suburban prep said...

If Obama gets his way we will be under a one man control with him at the helm and Biden being the class Clown and Pelosi doing her best to get her two cents from every one too.

They are going to make a mokery of this country somehow.