Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Minneapolis Republicans Endorse Green Party Guy

I've always been interested in the mayoral race in Minneapolis. When we moved back to MN five years ago we wanted to live in Minneapolis-- somewhere near the 50th and Bryant area where my mom grew up or near the lakes. We looked at a few houses. I was willing to overlook the countless "End this War" and "Wellstone" yard signs, because Minneapolis has some great neighborhoods and I like the feel of the city. I couldn't, however, overlook the sky-high property taxes and crime statistics so here we are in the 'burbs.

Could Republicans realistically win in Minneapolis? A pipe-dream perhaps, but if Rudy Giuliani could serve two-terms in NYC-- anything can happen and it's up to the Republican party to produce solid candidates who--at minimum-- can force a debate about the issues that face Minneapolis.

I know there are Republicans in Minneapolis- some even post on this blog. Others live their secret lives in Kenwoood and near the Lakes, closeted. Perhaps they'd come out of the closet if the party could produce a serious candidate.

So what does the local party do? Endorse somebody who only three years ago ran as a Green Party candidate for Attorney General winning 2% of the vote... Somebody who only ONE MONTH ago told Minnesota Independent that he wanted somebody to challenge Betty McCollum FROM THE LEFT! Local musician "Papa" John Kolstad was endorsed last Saturday by the Minneapolis Republicans.

According to the Minneapolis City Republican Committee website:

The Minneapolis City Republican Committee intends to reverse the effects of decades of liberalism--taxation, government control, weak law enforcement, and anti-family policies--by electing Republicans to city offices who believe that common sense conservatism is the answer to the city's problems.

What on earth does the green party platform have to do with "common sense conservatism". These Republicans decry government control and endorse a candidate who wants universal, government-paid, government controlled health care. Say what?

In 2006 this was Kolstad's Platform: Kolstad supports a Single Payer style health plan, affordable housing, instituting strong enforceable environmental laws in MN, Campaign Finance Reform, Instant Run-off Voting, Proportional Representation, and ending Corporate Welfare.

Kolstad was the Chair for two years of the Minnesota Universal Healthcare Coalition for Pete's sake.

I hear that the local party not only endorsed this guy as a Republican, they encouraged him to run. I'm glad that local Minneapolis activists think this is some kind of joke. It's not. Minneapolis is a great city and deserves a legitimate Republican candidate. I'm all about local party control and firmly believe the party belongs to those who show up...it looks like the Minneapolis party now belongs to a bunch of liberals. That' s great. Something like this will take a lot of time to recover from...


Jim said...

Democrat Coleman kept getting endorsements at the State GOP level, not just the abandoned Mpls level GOP. Maybe this Green guy will change his ways like Coleman did, har har. I don't follow Mpls, but maybe this guy will take baby steps toward conservative issues and actually have a chance vs. R.T. (is he running again?) if he presents his issues in a different way that appeals to the demographic. Yes, there are some Republicans in Mpls, but I'm guessing not many. Honestly, I can understand why the GOP pretty much abandoned the city and if they want to try something new there, it's better than nothing (assuming the mayor can't to do much more damage than has already been done and his views about healthcare won't matter much on a city level (or do they?). But, again, I don't follow it, so maybe you're right and it will be a huge disaster. Hehe, maybe he'll divide the liberal vote and a conservative 3rd party candidate will sneak in :)

Sheila said...

RT is running again-- we would be better off having a younger person running selling the message in a new way to the demographic...the fundamental problem we have (at all levels) is getting good people to run. I hear reasons again and again for not wanting to get in...