Wednesday, July 29, 2009

King Case and his Minions

Local liberal online magazine Prairie Home Living's interview with liberal City Councilman Ron Case is hilarious.

It's a fawning interview with the "rock star" of Eden Prairie politics.

4. PHL: As an Eden Prairie council member, how will you help make the city even more special than it is today, tomorrow and ten and twenty years from now? Do you have any goals for the city?

Ron Case: I think we need to look at cities around us whom we generally admire or others respect to find solutions to our current problems and a vision for where we'd like to go. Edina and Minnetonka, to name two of our neighbors, have a strong reputation for maintaining their quality of life and seem not to be overly burdened with an anti-tax movement within their citizenry. Through better and better communication and educational initiatives, we need to find ways to address people's concerns or perceptions that somehow our taxes or taxing structures are out of order, yet still pursue spending initiatives that will preserve our infrastructure, expand our opportunities to enjoy living in our community, encourage private investment in public amenities.

Mr. Case, I'm sorry you feel so "overly burdened" by an active group of Taxpayers "within the citizenry." But gee, aren't you the one who stuck a bunch of "The Low Tax Guy" stickers on your campaign signs last fall?

UPDATE: The Prairie Home Living website is down today, hmmm. So is the Writer's Rising Up website, hmmm. Good thing I know how to find indexed/cached sites now!

Here's the link of the interview that's now off the web (and I saved the page!)

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Mary said...

Puhlease....YOU are the rockstar of Eden Prairie politics. The rest seem pretty ZZZzzzzzzz