Friday, July 31, 2009

GOP Matches DFL in Minnesota Voter Identification

Wow- this is huge news. Politics in Minnesota reports that "Republican Party ID Matches Democrats for First Time in Minnesota Since October 2005"

I've been doing Voter ID calls lately. We're working to identify people who have previously refused to identify their political affiliation. The findings of the Survey USA poll reflect the local calls we've been making here in Eden Prairie.

A lot of people right now are also saying they are neither Republicans nor Democrats. People are fed up right now, that's for sure.

The GOP must LEAD, LEAD, LEAD. Lead with principles, don't compromise those principles. People follow leaders- regardless of ideology.

What would happen in local political debates if a GOP candidate simply said this:

"My opponent is a liberal Democrat who believes in higher taxes, more spending and bigger government as a solution to problems- I am a conservative Republican who believes in lowering taxes (for everyone who pays taxes), cutting government spending and smaller government because it is individuals who solve problems- not the government. This is what I believe, this is how I will vote, this is the promise I make to you."

I know this-- simply by the number of quality conservative blogs that keep popping up here in Minnesota-- that Republicans are finally "getting it." They're getting active, they're fighting back, they're being heard, they're influencing people. Every time a new conservative blogger starts up, (and I'm talking about fellow women conservative bloggers specifically,) you can bet another 20 women will soon be following her lead. Conservative women are going to be changing the GOP and it's starting now.

These numbers are exciting to me. We can change things.


Cool Gal said...

Wow! Great news!

They're going down!

Jim said...

Yes! It took a large recession to make people wake up, but fiscal conservatism should always be popular (at least among those who are paying attention and aren't profiting directly from the wasteful spending). People were (and probably still are) disgusted with the Republicans squandering their first across the board majority in decades by not controlling spending during that time.

Sure, some of the idiotic handouts are popular (like deciding to blow another $2 BILLION on clunkers in a few hours today), but it shouldn't be too hard to explain why they aren't actually productive.

Sheila said...

Excellent article on the cash for clunkers program, Jim (I did read that ABSURD legislation)

There are a lot of whores out there in this economy-- and a lot of pigs at the trough (including doctors I might add.)