Thursday, July 30, 2009

GOP Housewife Conspiracy

Just threw up this post over at Smart Politics, seems that the liberal bloggers believe there is a "GOP Housewife Conspiracy."

The comments are from an article that appeared yesterday on large donations by occupation.

As one of those housewives I can tell you that the bottom line reason that the donation is in my name is privacy- although I'm certainly giving that up now. Also, the women I know who donate this way are often times more politically active then their husband's are...Nancy Pelosi was a housewife too.

The fact that liberal bloggers would pick this part of your piece apart is enlightening.
As a conservative blogger, I found it interesting that your piece ended with the fact that the vast majority of large donations from actual Minnesota residents go to 3 Republicans, without pointing out the if/then truth that the 5 Democrats don't get that money- and have to rely on larger donors outside of Minnesota. Why is that? Why can't they raise larger donor money at home? Because they don't represent the interests of larger donors in Minnesota.

Although you've reviewed that in the past with Ellison, it would have been nice to see the same breakdowns for the entire MN Dem delegation.

The piece was a breakdown by occupation, but concluded:

"Overall, Kline, Bachmann, and Paulsen raised 75.1 percent of all large donor contributions from Minnesota residents to its eight U.S. Representatives last quarter."

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