Thursday, July 9, 2009

Following us off a Cliff

Here's a great piece from a fellow blogger at Freedom Dogs on one of my favorite topics-- global warming.

What the writer says is true, Cap and Trade was passed with "deliberate speed." The same speed being applied to the health care legislation that's about to ruin our economy and quality of care in this country.

I listened to a bit of NPR's "Talk of the Nation" yesterday on the topic of a "public option" for health care. A caller says something like "we need a public plan, my daugter lived in Greece and the resident physician in her small village came to her house and gave her antibiotics when she was sick and he didn't even charge her. That's what we need."

Greece has 10 million people- our country is 30 times that size! We cannot afford to have government-run health care, that's a simple fact.

We have 300 million people in the U.S. of which only 8 million are chronically uninsured, (this does not include 10 million illegal immigrants.) We have a fantastic health care system where even the rarest of diseases are treated aggressively. A system where a poor child receives the same top-quality cancer care as a poor one. We can get the uninsured covered by incenting PRIVATE insurance companies to do so without one dime spent by the federal government. We can encourage families to pay for their 20-somthing-kids or their 80-something parents by giving them back their tax dollars to do so. We need to move more people OFF of government plans instead of moving people onto them.

So why move this direction at such speed? Purposely crippling the U.S. with needless legislation like Cap and Trade and expansion of public-option health care? Because, at the end of the day liberals want a weakened America that can't afford to be the world's superpower. We won't be able to afford a strong military, and that's exactly they way they want it.


Jim said...

Or they are overly-emotional illogical fools who are panicked by the "carbon dioxide is pollution" hoax and blindly support that "effort to save the planet" not realizing they are falling into the hands of oligarchs who will make millions if not billions as middle men in the funky "carbon exchange." This is same kind of thing Enron tried with their energy exchange and the same type of thing that draws the likes of Bernie Madoff, who was the chairman of the Nasdaq stock exchange for a while. At least with a stock exchange, participation is optional (more or less, unless you're forced into it for your retirement plans to try to keep up with the government's inflation while they suppress interest rates). With the "carbon" exchange, it's based on a forced government mandate and there's no way to escape it. Well, no easy way for the average schmoe to avoid it. I'm sure all the big companies have their lobbyists inserting all kinds of subsidies, rebates, credits, and loop holes at the last minute into the unread bill, but the rest of us will be hosed.

Regarding the military, yeah, the ultra libs probably want a "world peace" with no evil concept of a "nation" with these odd things to fight over called "borders." Of course, a world without borders is just in invitation to be overrun/occupied/colonized (not that we don't allow a large amount of that already, and subsidize it as well).

One could also argue, as Republicans used to in the not so distant past, that tying down your forces in optional/unnecessary nation-building exercises with no well-defined goals or exit strategy is another way to weaken the military and the nation.

liz said...

Can I get an amen!

Jim said...

And speaking of silly junk passed with deliberate speed...

House passes:

$48B in foreign aid (among other things $2.7B for Israel, plus $2.7B for surrounding Arab states: Egypt, Jordan, Palestinian Authority... isn't it fun to fund/train/arm both sides in the conflict all at our expense?): roll call

(AP foreign aid story)

(lists Middle East nations and numbers)

$61B in food stamps (along with another $60-some billion for other "farm" stuff) roll call

(AP food stamps story... "record 33.8 million people - or 1 in 9 Americans - were participating in the food stamp program as of April")

Some good/decent Republicans (e.g., Bachmann and Erik) did vote against the domestic welfare, but when it comes to foreign welfare, they're on board. Why can't we have a public debate about food stamps anymore? Is it a dead issue? Not even during the campaigns did I hear any significant mention of food stamps from "mainstream" Republicans. Did we just give up on that issue? Regarding foreign aid, why are the "conservative" Republicans so quick to support that? Instead of giving a few billion dollars to both sides of the Israel-Arab conflict so they can blow up the crap they just built with the money we gave them with the weapons we gave them (and do it again every few years), how about we just have that much less spending of money we don't have? How is that unreasonable? Sure, a lot of the money has to be spent with US companies... so it's some combo domestic corporate welfare and foreign welfare... but is that supposed to be better?