Friday, July 31, 2009

GOP Matches DFL in Minnesota Voter Identification

Wow- this is huge news. Politics in Minnesota reports that "Republican Party ID Matches Democrats for First Time in Minnesota Since October 2005"

I've been doing Voter ID calls lately. We're working to identify people who have previously refused to identify their political affiliation. The findings of the Survey USA poll reflect the local calls we've been making here in Eden Prairie.

A lot of people right now are also saying they are neither Republicans nor Democrats. People are fed up right now, that's for sure.

The GOP must LEAD, LEAD, LEAD. Lead with principles, don't compromise those principles. People follow leaders- regardless of ideology.

What would happen in local political debates if a GOP candidate simply said this:

"My opponent is a liberal Democrat who believes in higher taxes, more spending and bigger government as a solution to problems- I am a conservative Republican who believes in lowering taxes (for everyone who pays taxes), cutting government spending and smaller government because it is individuals who solve problems- not the government. This is what I believe, this is how I will vote, this is the promise I make to you."

I know this-- simply by the number of quality conservative blogs that keep popping up here in Minnesota-- that Republicans are finally "getting it." They're getting active, they're fighting back, they're being heard, they're influencing people. Every time a new conservative blogger starts up, (and I'm talking about fellow women conservative bloggers specifically,) you can bet another 20 women will soon be following her lead. Conservative women are going to be changing the GOP and it's starting now.

These numbers are exciting to me. We can change things.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Brotherhood of Man

After seeing this picture, watching the ongoing news coverage of the "Summit" between Professor Gates and Office Crowley...

and reading that Gates and cop Crowley are related by way of Irish roots, I have been dancing and singing around the great song, from one great show "How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying"....

Boy that one builds....and the lyrics? Brilliant!

One man may seem incompetent,
Another not make sense,
While others look like quite a waste
Of company expense.

They need a brother's leadership,
So please don't do them in.
Remember mediocrity is not a mortal sin!

I'm so happy right now, I've forgotten about all the worries of the day! Cap and Trade? Being Taxed into submission? Government-Run Healthcare?-- WHO CARES??

P.J. O'Rourke Twitters the Constitution

Thanks Mary for sending this on.

From The Weekly Standard, read the entire article here.

Pre-A: We the people R the man. Here's how it rolls. Art1: Congress do law. Got Senate/House-o-Reps.

HR 2yr deal. Reps mst b 25, homie citz 7yrs. 1R per 30k pop/min 1R per St. St pop #s @10yrs. Guv pix subs. HR pix own bigs. HR impeaches Clinton.

Sen 6yr deal. 1/3 go @2yrs. 2Ss/St Mst b 30, homie citz 9yrs. VP tiebreaks. S gives Clinton a bye.

$ Bills fr H & pass S w/amends. Prez mst X or nix. 2/3H&S 2 nix nix

Cong power = Tax Mooch Tariff Green crd Chapt 11 Print $ Bust cons Pat pend Law up War on Hang pirates.

Cong power not = No habeas corp No x post facto law Free trade 4 Sts. Kings dukes for. poofters R bogus.

Sts pow not = For. treats Cust. duties @ other Sts. Go 2 war w/o say please

Art2: Prez 4yrs per Elec Col SAT score VP ditto VP subs. mst b nat born homie 35. Defnds Const & CnC Army Navy Air Force Marines

Prez pow = For. treats w 2/3S yes Appts Cabnt offs Ambs Sup Ct Js DoD brass w S yes Hi Cong Bye Cong St-o-Un add. No smoking.

Art3: Sup Ct rox Treason sux. Art4: Sts R cool Newbie Sts per Cong. Art5: Amend Con=2/3H&S+3/4Sts. Art6: US IOUs cool Const rox No God Squad

Art7: G2G TTFN. 9/17/1787. Bill-o-Rites TK :)

Flame on -church+guns. No GIs n cribz. No frisk w/o ProbCawz Due Pross rox Plea5th Get off my lawn SpeedTrialz w/jur­str. Pwr 2 D Peeps.

Twelve little tweets--all that's needed to run the richest, most powerful and most important nation in the world for more than 220 years.

GOP Housewife Conspiracy Part 2

Eric Ostermeier over at Smart Politics posted this finding on his piece which analyzed the "Housewife Shell Game" that liberal bloggers accused the GOP of playing..."Grace Kelly", blogger at MN Progressive Project even asked "who the parents are" of the GOP housewives/donors.

It's also the case that the 3 GOP U.S. Representatives also raise significantly more money from SMALL donors than the 5 DFLers.
In Q2 2009, Kline, Bachmann, and Paulsen raised $148,253 in small (unitemized) contributions, while Oberstar, Peterson, Walz, Ellison, and McCollum collectively raised less than half that amount - just $69,333.

As these are unitemized funds, it is impossible to know from the FEC reports as to what percentage are coming from in-state and out of state among small donations.

Fascinating findings. So the GOP wins both small money and big money individual contributions hands down.

And for "Grace Kelly" (any money on how closely she resembles Grace Kelly?)-- my mother is a retired social worker and my dad an independent realtor, both on a fixed income.

Former housewife Nancy Pelosi's dad was a U.S. Congressman and her family's net worth is $19 Million.

GOP Housewife Conspiracy

Just threw up this post over at Smart Politics, seems that the liberal bloggers believe there is a "GOP Housewife Conspiracy."

The comments are from an article that appeared yesterday on large donations by occupation.

As one of those housewives I can tell you that the bottom line reason that the donation is in my name is privacy- although I'm certainly giving that up now. Also, the women I know who donate this way are often times more politically active then their husband's are...Nancy Pelosi was a housewife too.

The fact that liberal bloggers would pick this part of your piece apart is enlightening.
As a conservative blogger, I found it interesting that your piece ended with the fact that the vast majority of large donations from actual Minnesota residents go to 3 Republicans, without pointing out the if/then truth that the 5 Democrats don't get that money- and have to rely on larger donors outside of Minnesota. Why is that? Why can't they raise larger donor money at home? Because they don't represent the interests of larger donors in Minnesota.

Although you've reviewed that in the past with Ellison, it would have been nice to see the same breakdowns for the entire MN Dem delegation.

The piece was a breakdown by occupation, but concluded:

"Overall, Kline, Bachmann, and Paulsen raised 75.1 percent of all large donor contributions from Minnesota residents to its eight U.S. Representatives last quarter."

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Taxpayer-Funded Liberal Media Machine

Here's the email I just received from Minnesota Public Radio:

When they return from summer recess, members of Congress will be set to debate several proposals for revamping the health care system. We want to learn whether the proposals on the table will solve the real problems you deal with in health care.

How has the health care system failed you?
Share your experience with Minnesota Public Radio News.

The problems with the current health care system are too numerous to count. More than 45 million people lack insurance. Many million more struggle to pay for adequate health care.Yet the debate is hard to follow for even the savviest news consumer. We'd like to help engage you in the process by connecting your day-to-day health care concerns with the policy proposals being discussed in Washington.

To do so, we've teamed up with ProPublica, an independent, nonprofit investigative reporting newsroom, to explore whether Congress is addressing Americans' real, day-to-day health care concerns. Tell us how the health care system has (or hasn't) failed you. Share your story.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Andrew Haeg

Public Insight EditorMinnesota Public Radio News

Somebody else did the research on ProPublica-- here some of it:

ProPublica is the brainchild of Herbert and Marion Sandler, the former chief executives of the Golden West Financial Corporation, who have committed $10 million a year to the project.[2] The Sandlers hired Paul Steiger, former managing editor of the Wall Street Journal, to create and run the organization.

Because ProPublica received the vast majority of its initial funding through the Sandlers – known for donating heavily to left-wing advocacy groups – there were concerns that the organization would not maintain an independent and non-partisan editorial stance toward the subjects it investigates.[3] In addition, Slate senior writer Jack Shafer noted that Herb Sandler has given "hundreds of thousands of dollars" to Democratic party candidates over the years, as well as millions to left-leaning or progressive political advocacy organizations such as MoveOn and ACORN.[4] The Sandler Family Supporting Foundation has also made grants to Oceana, Rocky Mountain Institute, Environmental Defense and the Tides Foundation.[5]

Recent news partners have included 60 Minutes, CNN, USA Today, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Albany Times Union, the Newark Star-Ledger, the New York Sun, Huffington Post, Politico,, Slate, MSN Money,, Reader's Digest, Business Week, and among others.

Herb Sandler has also given major bucks to Barack Obama. Interestingly enough, I also received an email from our dear leader today with a call to action to support Obamacare.

So we get an email from 501c3 TAX EXEMPT organization MPR today--an organization who received $5.5 Million from taxpayers last year--with the unabashedly leading question "How has the health care system failed you?" MPR coordinates with fellow TAX EXEMPT and left-wing founded/funded organization ProPublica to provide "insight".

The vast majority of Americans are happy with their medical care and their insurance coverage, 89% say they're happy with the quality of medical care they receive, 88% say their overall insurance coverage is good or excellent. 57% say they're satisfied with their own health care costs. But the media wants to push the lie that the vast majority of Americans are unhappy and leads to the other numbers in the polls which indicate although individuals are satisfied personally, they are not satisfied with the overall health care in this country.

When you have this type of machine that keeps pushing out the misinformation (which they accuse the other side of doing,) how are we supposed to actually solve anything?

King Case and his Minions

Local liberal online magazine Prairie Home Living's interview with liberal City Councilman Ron Case is hilarious.

It's a fawning interview with the "rock star" of Eden Prairie politics.

4. PHL: As an Eden Prairie council member, how will you help make the city even more special than it is today, tomorrow and ten and twenty years from now? Do you have any goals for the city?

Ron Case: I think we need to look at cities around us whom we generally admire or others respect to find solutions to our current problems and a vision for where we'd like to go. Edina and Minnetonka, to name two of our neighbors, have a strong reputation for maintaining their quality of life and seem not to be overly burdened with an anti-tax movement within their citizenry. Through better and better communication and educational initiatives, we need to find ways to address people's concerns or perceptions that somehow our taxes or taxing structures are out of order, yet still pursue spending initiatives that will preserve our infrastructure, expand our opportunities to enjoy living in our community, encourage private investment in public amenities.

Mr. Case, I'm sorry you feel so "overly burdened" by an active group of Taxpayers "within the citizenry." But gee, aren't you the one who stuck a bunch of "The Low Tax Guy" stickers on your campaign signs last fall?

UPDATE: The Prairie Home Living website is down today, hmmm. So is the Writer's Rising Up website, hmmm. Good thing I know how to find indexed/cached sites now!

Here's the link of the interview that's now off the web (and I saved the page!)

More Poetry

I'm thoroughly enjoying reading the poetry under yesterday's post.

I will declare a winner at the end of the week, I hope for many more entries.

My sister was having problems posting, so she emailed her submission:

I'd like to give a big shout out to Lord Byron on this one. I had to base it on my favorite poem ever. Well, one of the "top three" anyways...

HE talks in beauty, like the night
Of even existence and emission-free skies;
And all that’s best of lark and spite
Is hidden from his follower’s eyes:
Words mellow’d by the TOTUS might
Which Gibsy to questioners denies.
Some will get more, some will get less,
Socialism defined as grace
Beats beneath his muscular chest,
And softly brightens o’er his face;
For making us the same is His success
From car, to health, to dwelling-place.

Not with a push but with a plow,
So stealth, and smart, and eloquent,
The smiles that win the media’s glow.
We’ll tell of days in goodness spent,
To our children on whom He will bestow,
America the irrelevant.

And, from my brother-in-law. He doesn't follow Jim's rhyming rule, but still--so compelling.

Who is this friend that lectures me?
What causes him to care so much?
For me,
For mine,
For what I do;
Hold me,
scold me,
and eschew
those things he finds, in me, a flaw –
but not in he,
his hold, a clutch.

May I just say that these submissions (plus the two under the original post,) are so far superior than the local writers who are "rising up". And you know, you just know it took them weeks of thought to come up with their poems.

I love my readers.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Poetry Contest

Due to reader demand, I think it's time for another poetry contest.

I found this dandy on the local Eden Prairie 501c3 group website "Writers Rising Up"

Mother Earth Cries

Listen to the suffering whispers of the trees
Why doesn't anyone worry about the dying bees
Global warming, toxic air, acid rain
Mother Earth screams out in pain
The plague of mankind too much to bear
Raping her resources; no one seems to care
Polar caps melt like ice cream on a summer day
Will our children have a safe place to play?
Seems always comes down to the mighty dollar
Why aren't we hot under the collar?
Haven't had a white Christmas in a year or two
Perhaps Mr. Winter like geese south flew
The blue marble spun long before man came along
Nature no longer sings its peaceful song
Peace was held for many years
Many laughs and many tears
The nations all sung a simple song
Praying and hoping for it to last for long
Suddenly a shot was heard
Round the entire mighty earth
A great war was given birth
People pleaded and fell on their knees
No longer barriers between the seas
The once fertile land was tore
The human race existed no more

Credit to: Alan Hasan Wittmer, Mayer, MN and the Writer's Rising Up Blog

Well, Robert Frost he is not, but I could do a splendid dramatic reading of it nevertheless and it's inspiring enough for a contest. We've had a haiku contest and limerick contest....this is just a "general" poetry contest as I can't tell what meter the poem above is written in, feel free to enlighten me.

Rule 1: Subject matter must encompass 1. Cap and trade/Global Warming and/or 2. Obamacare

Rule 2: You must say what you think the Writers are Rising up Against

All worthy submissions will receive their very own blog post. You could get discovered! (The economy's having an impact on the types of prizes I can offer.) I will also do a dramatic reading of the poem at a local restaurant with one drink on me. So, off we go....

Take No Prisoners, Make No Compromises

Obama, Pelosi and their gang of liberals purposely fail to include:

1. Nuclear Energy as a part of the solution to the energy question


2. Tort reform as part of the healthcare equation--even with a government-run plan, you won't be able to sue the government, but you can still sue your doctor

Don't these facts demonstrate that THEY are the party so beholden to special interests (the enviro-lobby and the trial lawyers,) that they don't really care about the cost or effectiveness of any of the policies they advocate and pass into law? They only care about their money train.

Obama wants to pay doctors based on the quality of care they provide (I wonder if his doctor would get docked because Obama won't quit smoking?) Funny how pay-for-quality was decried by liberals and conservatives alike when it was under Bush "No Child Left Behind," but now it's the answer to our health care costs.

Can we pay politicians for the quality they provide?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Fun

I'm a pretty traditional girl in most things, but when I watched this video of a St. Paul couple's wedding, I couldn't help but smile.

What a joyous thing!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Law and Order

Good piece in the WSJ today about the Gates arrest saga about the black Harvard Professor who was arrested, the friend of Obama who was the subject of the final question of last night's press conference on health care. The question from the hometown paper of President Obama, the Chicago Sun-Times. The question which painted the final picture of the evening, that reminded all Americans that Barack Obama is a black man and there is still too much wrong with how black men are treated in this country of ours. Those white Republicans are just keeping the black man down, standing in the way of health care reform.

I'm about to share with you a deep, dark secret from my past.

I was arrested-- Okay, I wasn't arrested, but I was thrown in the back of a cop car in college. Oh, yes I was.

I have a big mouth, always have. I was at my dear husband Todd's fraternity house-- it must have been my junior year in college. We were peacefully gathered for a party. It was a decent-sized party and as I recall I had been studying that night and arrived late. I had perhaps one beer- lucky for me- before the cops broke up the party. Two of them came into the Pi Kappa Alpha house and started addressing the large circle of coeds as the underage in the group nervously wondered whether they'd start busting people. I quietly ask a person next to me- "don't they need a warrant to be in the house?"

Big mistake. From about fifteen feet away, one of the officers marched over, grabbed me by the arm and literally dragged me out of the room and down the stairs while I kept saying, "Officer, what did I do? Please officer, what did I do? Please let me go, you're hurting me." He just bellowed "You G-damn college kids, you think you're so smart."

I'll never forget Todd's look of what did you do?/what are they doing to you? I actually laugh when I tell this story now. I wasn't laughing then, I started crying.

I was in the back of the car with two other guys from the fraternity who were also deemed culprits. One of them was about the sweetest guy you'd ever meet but he was an officer in the fraternity so I guess that was his crime.

Then there was a little good cop/bad cop. One of the officers saying "I'm going to bring you downtown, you're going to jail." I was really crying now. The other one assured me, "it's just a petty misdemeanor, just pay the ticket and it will be fine." They let us go after scaring the crap out of us.

Do you think I paid that ticket? Hell no, I didn't.

I went to the U of M Law Library the next day and looked up the ordinance under which I was was a Noise Ordinance and you needed to be the owner of the home in order to be charged with the crime. Oh, and it was a misdemeanor, not a petty misdemeanor as the officer told me. I headed to the Hennepin County Courthouse in my little green suit from Express and they assigned me a public defender. The judge threw out the ticket and misdemeanor.

Another story...when my brother was in college, he and a friend were walking back from a St. Joe's bar to his St. John's University campus. It was winter, a cop pulled up along side of them and asked if they wanted a ride. "Sure." Another big mistake, he drove them back to campus and then gave them both a breath-a-lizer test and cited them for underage drinking. Entrapment much?

My cousin was beaten by cops down in Arizona in his fraternity days. Beaten unconscious and left in a park-- I kid you not. So although I certainly respect the police, I know that they are individual human beings. There are good cops, there are not-so-good cops.

Oh- by the way....I'm white, my brother's white, my cousin's white.

Is there racism? Sure. Is there discrimination? Yup. Is there bias? Uh-huh. But I am so sick of the politically correct B.S. on the T.V. with this Gates story. I don't know all the facts, but I do know this: black people are not the only people who have to deal with over-reaching police. Was this guy dragged forcibly by the arm down steps and literally pushed into the back of a cop car by the cops? I was.

It was in his home you say?

One last story: my parents were staying at my sister's house a few years back. Her fax machine line somehow got crossed with her security alarm line and phoned in an alarm call in the middle of the night. Two cops entered the house with guns drawn and walked up the stairs. My dad heard the commotion, got up and heard "get your hands up in the air!" He did.

I'm not an attorney, I don't know the law that Gates was cited under so I can't make any judgements about the case. But I can judge the President of the United States and his continual use of the race card to advance an agenda.

I'm sick of it.

What $10,000 will buy you these days

Another line from Obama that stuck out from last night's speech on Health care:

This is about the middle-class college graduate from Maryland whose health insurance expired when he changed jobs and woke up from the emergency surgery that he required with $10,000 worth of debt.

I wonder what that middle-class college graduate paid for college? If he were a Minnesota resident attending our public University of Minnesota, he would have paid actually $11,476 for tuition and fees for two semesters of education as an undergraduate. This doesn't include the costs of books or room and board.

For $11,476 you can sit in a classroom for seven months, write some papers and take some tests--or you can have your life saved. Hmmm. And I'm assuming Joe College Graduate went to a public University. Don't you wish the media would ask for more information on Joe College Graduate that Obama referred too?

A mere 14 years ago when I was at the University I paid $3,500 for one year of undergraduate Education. With inflation, that amount should be $5,086 today. Yet it's $11,476.

Here in Minnesota DFL legislators don't even think there should be caps on tuition. I continually ask this question:

Why do Democrats believe that the cost of health care should be "contained" and capped, but not the cost of public Education? You have a building cost, a teacher cost, what else?

Students, can you spell U-N-I-O-N?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Best for Me, Good Enough for You

This line from the Obama's Press Conference tonight summed up perfectly what his health care plan is all about:

OBAMA: You know, I would be happy to abide by the same benefit package. I will just be honest with you. I'm the president of the United States, so I've got a doctor following me every minute...
... which is why I say this is not about me. I've got the best health care in the world. I'm trying to make sure that everybody has good health care, and they don't right now.

That's right, they want to take away the best health care in the world from the 350 Million Americans who have it today and in exchange give all of us "good-enough" health care.

A Reader Question

Reader Jon takes one of my comments on health care -- that is should be affordable-- and asks what we should do about it. Good question-- here are my ideas:

1. Let people buy insurance from anywhere in the country- competition is the #1 problem- we need a huge pool of Americans in many plans to help bring down cost of insurance. You should be able to go online today and get quotes from dozens of companies competing for your business based on what you need and what you don't need.

2. People should pay out-of-pocket for regular appointments (annual exam, pediatric appointments, "do I have the flu?") insurance should be for hospitalizations, surgeries, cancer-care, etc. Paying at the doctor's office- that day- like most other businesses, including dentists- would save an enormous amount of money and when it's that transparent you can easily comparison shop doctors.

3. Move people off Medicare into private insurance plans-subsidize poor elderly where necessary

4. Raise Medicare eligibility age to 70- eventually 72 (should adjust with life expectancy)

5. Move to individual-based insurance vs. employer based by shifting tax benefits to individuals-- people should not be tied to jobs because of insurance, and employers should be paying the market rate for an employee not including the cost of insurance. There would be a transition period to make this happen.

6. Expand/encourage HSA's so people can see what they're paying and hold providers responsible for costs-- also covers larger deductibles which drives down monthly premiums-- this money can be accumulated over time to pay for larger expenses

6. Tort reform like that in TX where a board of physicians reviews cases before they go to court with caps on punitive damages

7. If you're on Medicare or Medicaid- and are obese- you should be required to lose weight in order to maintain eligibility. (Same could go for smokers, drinkers, other risky behaviors-- people have the freedom to live how they choose, but not if they're on a government plan-- hence the bigger issue with Obamacare.)

8. Stop providing state-funded health care to illegal immigrants- we can't afford it

9. Eliminate provider taxes- state taxes on the gross-receipts of a practice/hospital

10. Resident Physicians should be paid via the private sector-- not the government

11. Provide tax credits to individuals who pay insurance premiums for their parents, grandparents, children-- anyone they want--

12. Provide incentives to insurance companies to provide optopms for patients with pre-existing conditions

13. Anybody with an iPOD or Blackberry gets immediately removed from Medicaid

But most importantly, get the U.S. economy moving NOW by drastically cutting spending, cutting business taxes, cutting individual taxes so that we can get some jobs created other than "windmill builder."

If people have good jobs, they can afford health care insurance.

Look, I'm married to a doctor- I get that I have a bias. But, you know what? If all of this happened, I can guarantee you he'd make less money, not more. That's what would happen by moving toward a free market. But, he'd be taxed less too. Overall, he'd probably come out about even. Or- we can go the route we're going down now- he'll make more (because Obama's buying off the Docs as we speak), he'll be taxed more and we'll just keep printing the money to make it all happen.

This is just stuff off the top of my head and took me about 3 minutes-- wouldn't you think all the really smart guys in Washington could come up with something other than "Government pays for everyone who wants it?"

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Minneapolis Republicans Endorse Green Party Guy

I've always been interested in the mayoral race in Minneapolis. When we moved back to MN five years ago we wanted to live in Minneapolis-- somewhere near the 50th and Bryant area where my mom grew up or near the lakes. We looked at a few houses. I was willing to overlook the countless "End this War" and "Wellstone" yard signs, because Minneapolis has some great neighborhoods and I like the feel of the city. I couldn't, however, overlook the sky-high property taxes and crime statistics so here we are in the 'burbs.

Could Republicans realistically win in Minneapolis? A pipe-dream perhaps, but if Rudy Giuliani could serve two-terms in NYC-- anything can happen and it's up to the Republican party to produce solid candidates who--at minimum-- can force a debate about the issues that face Minneapolis.

I know there are Republicans in Minneapolis- some even post on this blog. Others live their secret lives in Kenwoood and near the Lakes, closeted. Perhaps they'd come out of the closet if the party could produce a serious candidate.

So what does the local party do? Endorse somebody who only three years ago ran as a Green Party candidate for Attorney General winning 2% of the vote... Somebody who only ONE MONTH ago told Minnesota Independent that he wanted somebody to challenge Betty McCollum FROM THE LEFT! Local musician "Papa" John Kolstad was endorsed last Saturday by the Minneapolis Republicans.

According to the Minneapolis City Republican Committee website:

The Minneapolis City Republican Committee intends to reverse the effects of decades of liberalism--taxation, government control, weak law enforcement, and anti-family policies--by electing Republicans to city offices who believe that common sense conservatism is the answer to the city's problems.

What on earth does the green party platform have to do with "common sense conservatism". These Republicans decry government control and endorse a candidate who wants universal, government-paid, government controlled health care. Say what?

In 2006 this was Kolstad's Platform: Kolstad supports a Single Payer style health plan, affordable housing, instituting strong enforceable environmental laws in MN, Campaign Finance Reform, Instant Run-off Voting, Proportional Representation, and ending Corporate Welfare.

Kolstad was the Chair for two years of the Minnesota Universal Healthcare Coalition for Pete's sake.

I hear that the local party not only endorsed this guy as a Republican, they encouraged him to run. I'm glad that local Minneapolis activists think this is some kind of joke. It's not. Minneapolis is a great city and deserves a legitimate Republican candidate. I'm all about local party control and firmly believe the party belongs to those who show looks like the Minneapolis party now belongs to a bunch of liberals. That' s great. Something like this will take a lot of time to recover from...

Vanity Fair Piece on Palin

I was at CVS the other day and Vanity Fair caught my eye-- Heath Ledger was on the cover. Isn't he dead? Wasn't that drug O.D. months ago? Was he even that big of a star? The L.A. Times dissected the piece and concluded that the move was to sell magazines.

But if VF really wanted to sell magazines they would have put a different person on the cover. The person who they lampooned inside the magazine-- Sarah Palin.

You can barely see it, but in the upper corner of the above cover it reads: "Sarah Palin: The Lies, The Meltdown, The Moosesized Ego". (I wonder if there was a similar pitch about Hillary Clinton?)

There are millions of women- like me- all over the country who would buy the liberal rag just to see Palin in an Annie Lebowitz photo shoot in some NYC makeup, hair and Oscar de La Renta. Of course, that star-treatment is only reserved for the Obamas, long before they were in the White House. Even their staffers score the same.

This fascinating personality and gorgeous face from the GOP--who would guarantee massive sales-- is never going to be given that honor....never. It truly reveals the agenda, doesn't it? Not like we didn't already know.

Instead, I skip buying the magazine and go online to skim the piece.

The article asks:

Perhaps most painful, how could John McCain, one of the cagiest survivors in contemporary politics—with a fine appreciation of life’s injustices and absurdities, a love for the sweep of history, and an overdeveloped sense of his own integrity and honor—ever have picked a person whose utter shortage of qualification for her proposed job all but disqualified him for his?

Interesting question, I have one too: How could America have picked a person whose utter shortage of qualification and friendships with terrorists and racists all but disqualified him for the job he sought? Anyhoo...

The article has a caricature of Palin with her requisite gun and moose, refers to her as the "sexiest" woman in politics twice-- the word beautiful is never applied, always sexy. Where are the feminists decrying this ongoing obsession with Palin's femininity to sublimally say "what a slut, what a whore," (or if you're David Letterman, not-so-subliminally.) The article calls her "the first indisputably fertile female to dare to dance with the big dogs", refers to her red high heels, on and on. All while basically saying she's a dunce.

Here's where I'm at with Palin these days-- I don't like that she resigned. I think you should finish a job that you're elected to do. The PR of her announcement was terrible and I'm wondering where she's coming from. But here's a little secret for the MSM-- every time you insult Palin with your "pat on the head-- she's just a sexy airhead" crap, you drive me to defend her...and I'm not the only one. Watch out.

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Liberal's View of Diversity

Just saw this story on O'Reilly, but you don't need to hear any commentary on this, it speaks for itself.

Life and Death

I'm praying.

That's about all we can do at this point in the game, pray. (That and pointlessly call our two liberal Senators I guess.)

I pray that we don't throw out a health care system that saved my mother's life when she was told she only had months to live because her cancer was so rare and "untreatable". That was two years ago now, she has no signs of cancer today. I've never read of a case- outside of the U.S.A.- with long-term survivors. In other countries, the aggressive treatment is rarely performed in time to produce results that American hospitals are seeing.

A system that treated leukemia in two children I know...both of whom are healthy today.

A system that got medicine to my dad so quickly when he had a stroke in January-- that his recovery has been astounding and nobody but very close family would even notice a difference in him even though he couldn't remember his children's names 6 months ago.

A system that helped my uncle fight for three years against pancreatic cancer so he could dance at his daughter's wedding and be with his high school sweetheart just a little bit longer.

A system that treated breast cancer and replaced my grandmother's hip twenty years ago-- she's 94 today.

Those are just examples from my little universe and I don't mean to make it "about me." It's about life, it's about quality of life and respect for life and the sanctity of life.

I remember reading "Black Hawk Down" a few years ago-- the book talked about how Somali soldiers had such little respect for American soldiers because they'd risk their lives to pull a fallen solider off the field of battle. It made no sense to them.

I suppose our health care system makes no sense to those from other countries either. We spend an enormous amount of money to fight cancer, no matter the form. We provide the highest level care to preemie babies, even the ones with a small chance of survival, even the ones with no money. We provide pacemakers for the elderly, even if they have other major health issues which may mean they won't be alive for long.

Why do Americans do these things? Seemingly illogical things... Because we know something. We know what we "don't know". We don't know when somebody's time on this earth is done. We don't know if they'll be in that 1% of survivors, or if they'll fall in the 99% of those who die from a disease or injury. Only God knows. (And even if you don't believe in God, let me repeat that: Only God knows.) There is always hope, no matter how small, that somebody can survive, and thrive, and live. We choose to bet on life. This is an American value of risking much for unknown return.

I thought Obama's words today were telling...that we must move forward quickly with universal health care and that we've talked the issue "to death." Obama is all about talking things "to death". But on this issue, he doesn't want to talk, (unless it's with his teleprompter at a town hall meeting with predetermined guests and questions.) "To death" sent a chill up my spine.

Isn't this worth a prolonged public debate? One or two photo-op meetings at the White House with insurance companies and doctors, is NOT acceptable. Bring everyone to the table, get out the calculators, reduce the burdens and regulations on the system and lower taxes for all of the stakeholders and figure this thing out.

Our health care system doesn't discriminate and provides care to all patients. It produces the best doctors and nurses in the world. Is there room for improvement? Definitely. Affordability is unattainable for some right now and that's not right. But creating a government "option" which will put private insurers right out of business is not the solution. We need less government involved in health care, not more. We need a system that reflects our values of freedom and our constant desire to be the best we can be. Americans don't want to be like Canada, or like Europe...we want to continue to be the greatest country in the world, a country that fights so hard for the cause of life. We need a health care system that reflects this value and the most fundamental value to America-- our freedom.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Wonkette SLAMS Oh, Yeah!

Sorry for the lack of blogging.

It's been busy.

I was down at the Capitol yesterday for State Senator David Hann's formal announcement on his run for Governor.

I've also been trying- unsuccessfully- to get my sister Mary's Fox News interview for ready to post. I have it on the computer, but can't get it edited for the blog. Ugh, I'm not technical. It's a good interview, so I'll keep working on it.

Gipper's List was picked up by the PR Wires this week. And so was TAND! From the Associated Content Piece:

Conservative talk show host Sean Hannity mentioned shortly after the site went on-line last month according to "The Activist Next Door", followed by a launch on "Fox and Friends" today, a month later. So far their site has been standing up to onslaught of visitors. Funded by contributions, merchandise such as bumper stickers, and longer-run and featured ads, the site is simple and its message is simple: conservatives now have a place online to do business together.

But check this out: Bitter, Sad Liberal Wonkette TAKES AFTER We knew these vicious attacks would start and we're so pleased that they're helping the website gain some P.R. Gipper's List was started by three friends with no budget. A very simple idea to "control what you can control" by giving your money to fellow conservatives vs. people who want to tax the living crap out of you.

I love that the crazy lefties see-fit to go after my sister and her friends as illiterate, homophobic racists.

I also love the TONS of comments by the readers of Wonkette. Seems that Gipper's List rubs these folks the wrong way. That's good. That's very good.

This from Associated Content: “Contacting the site’s owners means emailing the ‘gippergirls’, which heralds the fact that conservatives are not fitting the stereotype of ‘old white men.’”
Email? Please.. Nancy, Babs and Roberta are there to answer all questions you might have using rotary phones while guzzling Ensure.

Smoke Filled Roommate: I like how Associated Content just assumes that the handle GipperGirls means they’re not old white men. Because no one has ever used the internet to disguise their actual identities.

What a bunch of morons...they're the ones who can't figure out how to "google" and get the backstory on Gipper's List.

Ah, if only Gipper's DID have some rich old white dudes to give it some funding, then we'd REALLY tick off these libs.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Battle Hymm of the Baby Boomers

Stolen from a Lassie post at Freedom Dogs (where I blog too!)

We were born into an age of infinite prosperity,
And we never saved a nickel.
We just spent incessantly.
Now we've postponed our retirement til the age of 93,
If nothing else goes wrong!
HOLY CRAP we're getting older!
We've pissed our youth away!

More Money, No Jobs

Obama's sinknig $12 Billion of your tax money into Community Colleges...shouldn't Community Colleges be funded by the Community-- by the state? And, aren't we broke?

Community colleges are only two-year institutions, but the Obama administration says they could play a key role in helping boost the ailing economy for years to come.

President Obama also announced a goal of 5 million additional community-college graduates by 2020.

To underscore that contention Tuesday, the president unveiled the American Graduation Initiative, a 10-year, $12 billion plan to invest in community colleges.

This is ON TOP OF the Stimulus spending.

Perhaps we need more entrepreneurs and less students because we need some serious job-creation now-- not more government-created jobs.

What JOBS are all of these students going to have when they graduate?

Oh- per the article, one of the 4 points of the Obama plan is:

Modernization of community-college facilities, with $2.5 billion to help renovate facilities and keep up with maintenance costs. The renovations will create jobs, Obama said.

That's great. Fixing up Normandale will create jobs. Are these people serious?

They want to create a country where everybody's in school, you become a government-paid doctor, nurse, teacher, or social worker, you all pay high-taxes, but get a lot of time off....sound familiar?

Or Perhaps...

I should skip that glass of wine and go out and do what Todd did today:

Preaching to the Choir

Okay, all right, I've HAD IT.

If somebody sends me one more email or talks to me one more time about how frustrated they are with the Republican party I will scream. Actually, I just did scream to Todd.

I had a weekend with my brilliant Father-in-law who lectured me on what the party was doing wrong. What its candidates were doing wrong. Why so-and-so is the best person and so-and-so isn't. Why I didn't "get it". Yup. I listen to Rush too, I'm with you. Uh, huh, yup, I get it. But that's not good enough for certain folks...

I get emails daily from people telling me to do this-or-that, or say this-or-that, or make so-and-so do this-or-that. NEWSFLASH: You can only control yourself and your own actions.

If you don't like the way things are, then change things. Change things! Get involved with the Republican party. Oh, and if you happen to meet one person who you don't like or go to one meeting that isn't interesting, then stay involved. Don't give up, persevere. (Oh, and please see previous Norm Coleman blog post about one of my life's mottos: "Coffee's for Closers"-- meaning seal the deal, don't give up, win, win, win.)

I have news for folks and it may be shocking to some. There IS NOBODY ELSE but YOU to change things. There isn't some massive group of people who are going to magically do what you say.

Got it? Get it? Good.

Time for a glass of wine.

Tune In!

My sister Mary (guest blogger at TAND,) is making her second appearance on big Fox News tomorrow!

She will be doing an interview at 8:45 am Eastern/7:45 am Central time on "Fox and Friends" for her latest idea "Gipper's List".

The Fox folks heard about this idea to "Buy Conservative" and contacted her. Hopefully this helps the new site continue to grow.

Mary isn't one of the most creative people I know, she is the most creative person I know. She really should be making about a mil a year as a paid political speechwriter and marketing strategist. I'm proud of her!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Faces Only a Liberal Could Love

.....and they both represent Minnesota. Uff dah

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Had our boys baptised's a nice picture from Pax Christi with Fr. Kennedy. (I was hoping he wouldn't remember me from the couple of emails I had sent him about-- oh, certain topics.) He's a nice man and a no-nonsense priest, he had 6 kids out of there in like 20 minutes. We had our parents as Godparents.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Following us off a Cliff

Here's a great piece from a fellow blogger at Freedom Dogs on one of my favorite topics-- global warming.

What the writer says is true, Cap and Trade was passed with "deliberate speed." The same speed being applied to the health care legislation that's about to ruin our economy and quality of care in this country.

I listened to a bit of NPR's "Talk of the Nation" yesterday on the topic of a "public option" for health care. A caller says something like "we need a public plan, my daugter lived in Greece and the resident physician in her small village came to her house and gave her antibiotics when she was sick and he didn't even charge her. That's what we need."

Greece has 10 million people- our country is 30 times that size! We cannot afford to have government-run health care, that's a simple fact.

We have 300 million people in the U.S. of which only 8 million are chronically uninsured, (this does not include 10 million illegal immigrants.) We have a fantastic health care system where even the rarest of diseases are treated aggressively. A system where a poor child receives the same top-quality cancer care as a poor one. We can get the uninsured covered by incenting PRIVATE insurance companies to do so without one dime spent by the federal government. We can encourage families to pay for their 20-somthing-kids or their 80-something parents by giving them back their tax dollars to do so. We need to move more people OFF of government plans instead of moving people onto them.

So why move this direction at such speed? Purposely crippling the U.S. with needless legislation like Cap and Trade and expansion of public-option health care? Because, at the end of the day liberals want a weakened America that can't afford to be the world's superpower. We won't be able to afford a strong military, and that's exactly they way they want it.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Imagine You're a Liberal

If you could make any law to prevent people from doing something that annoys you, what would it be?

I would institute passing lanes in shopping malls and strictly enforce the law that slower people keep to the right.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Samonella Czar

Obama Orders New FDA Crackdown on Salmonella, E. Coli

The Obama administration has created a new deputy food commissioner post within the FDA to oversee safety in the wake of the recent outbreak of salmonella in peanuts and peanut butter, which was blamed for dozens of consumer deaths and more than 700 illnesses in 46 states.


Didn't North Korea fire off a bunch of missiles last week?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Global Warming Means More Coyotes in Minneapolis

Okay, now I've heard everything.

In May I posted about a coyote who jumped our backyard fence and made an appearance on our sport court and how the City of Eden Prairie basically could have cared less. Since then, I had another EP friend tell me that a coyote recently attacked her friend's older dog and it had to be put to sleep.

So I see an article in the Star Tribune today with the headline:

Rabbits, rabbits, everywhere: With so many yard rabbits this year, some homeowners have noted a corresponding increase in predator sightings in the city.

I think, "Interesting, maybe there's some good data on these varmints." A mere 30 seconds into reading the article I see this,

"Where there are lots of rabbits, there are plenty of nibbled gardens, girdled trees and angry homeowners asking: Why so many rabbits, and where will it all end?

Some have a hunch. They point to the weather: Rabbits are increasing because climate is changing and our winters are getting milder. They might be onto something.

Winters have been milder, according to the State Climatology Office. Rabbits might be getting in an extra litter under such conditions. That means more offspring starting down the reproductive path. Soon you have a bunny explosion.

The same paper just reported that 2008 was the coldest year since 1979. Since then, January has been the coldest since 1994. Februray-June has been average to below average temps. The winter prior of 2007-2008 ranked 38th coldest out of 113 years of records in Minnesota.

So "our winters are getting milder" except for the last two winters- which were not-- but the bunnies are overpopulated now-- which would mean that we just had a "mild" winter per the reporter's logic, except that we didn't.

Another great piece of journalism from the Strib.

Bad Shoe Day

I was over at Nordstrom today doing a little preview shopping for the Anniversary Sale-- an awesome sale with 30-40% pre-season stuff. I don't pay retail!

I saw Mary LeHammer (from TPT's Almanac) while eating lunch at the in-store cafe. She was sporting a cute orange dress, but paired it with some really bad brown high, it's 85 degrees outside. Maybe save the boots for the other 9 months of the year when you can wear them in Minnesota.

Then-- while trying on some shoes myself-- I saw an old guy who was trying on a divine pair of 4" patent peep toe BCBG pumps. He was also sporting a Gander Mountain baseball hat. I guess duck-hunting and cross-dressing go together. He bought the shoes. The salesperson played it exceptionally cool, I myself was laughing away.

Poor thing. Stuck paying full retail at Nordstrom, because they're the only show in town who carries size 12 women's shoes.

Oy vey.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Some Friendly Advice for Norm Coleman

Dear Senator Coleman,

I was one of those folks at last year's State GOP Convention who was heckling you. I was yelling "ANWR" from my front row seat in Rochester while my fellow delegate was elbowing me and pointing to the media not-so-far-away. The speech you gave that day sort of sealed your fate as it just-as-easily could have been given to a room full of Democrats with some very minor tweaks. You didn't have the base with you and without the base, (those troglodytes who actually make the phone calls and knock on the doors), you didn't have what it took to get over the finish line. You came close, soooo close.

I've always considered you a principled moderate, and a pretty smart guy too. You give some very eloquent speeches and you do have charisma. You seem like a nice enough man, so let me give you some advice that my very first boss gave me: Coffee's for closers.

Coffee's for closers. You lost to Jessee Ventura. You lost to Al Franken.

Now, don't get me wrong, I do believe this election was stolen. Those Dems just kept counting and re-counting until they found the votes they needed to pull ahead. What did you expect? That's how they roll. Only a couple thousand more votes and we wouldn't be here with this short clown representing us for six years. Yet, here we are.

The state party made a mistake by underestimating the competition. They pointed out his tax fraud, great point, but he was a Democrat. Democrats don't care, they were still going to vote for him. Then they ragged and ragged on jokes that a comedian made. Many in extremely poor taste, but the one about blasting old people into space to solve Medicare was funny. Really funny. It was- as they say- a joke. They didn't attack him on what matters most...what always matters most...the issues. Now they're putting an asterisk next to his name which is pretty lame. A wee bit immature and certainly not effective. Let Minnesotans keep that asterisk in their heads-- they're smart people, they will-- it doesn't need to be spelled out for them.

Now, none of that was your fault, Senator. But here's what is your fault. You ran to the middle with an Independent in the race and you lost. Losing's tough, really tough. But I have some very good news for you. There's a wonderful world outside of politics and it's waiting for you. You don't have to be a politician. Really, you don't. You can explore so many other career opportunities and I really think that may be for the best. Please don't run for Governor, it's just not a smart career move. You'd be banking on a sympathy vote, but the problem is the majority of the voting population has a very short-term memory. (9/11- what's that?) Last year's Senate election will be a distant memory next year as people will have much more important things to worry about, like their jobs.

I won't be a liberal, I won't sit here and whine for six years, "they stole the election." And I have a funny feeling a lot of Republicans feel the same way I do. We want our leaders to talk about our principles and why liberal ideas are illogical and only work in a classroom, not the real world. Or why the Minnesota DFL won't let us have choice for our schools, our doctors or our energy options. We want our leaders to educate people on why Obama is wrong and we are right. If they do that, we won't ever have to hinge an election win on a single absentee ballot from Worthington to Wabasha.

Yours Sincerely,
The Activist Next Door

Friday, July 3, 2009

What Freedom and Tyranny Mean to Liberals

What does Freedom mean?

Well to me it is a feeling in my heart of knowing that God created me in his image, that he has granted me free will to choose the life I want to live. It is not something that any government bestowed upon me, it's in every beat of my heart. I am grateful to be born in a country where freedom is an ideal enshrined in our founding documents and it's something worth fighting for with vigilance.

I caught a segment on Fox 9 news last night featuring a handful of Service Employees International Union (SEIU) members presenting a written-on-poster-board-flag at Representative Betty McCollum's office...Rep McCollum wasn't even there, so don't ask me how this little PR stunt makes the evening news.

Rick Varco, SEUI Healthcare Minnesota's Political Director said something like "Our founders declared freedom from a tyrannical government," and then he said this:

“It’s time to declare independence from the tyranny of living under a broken health-care system,” ....

Varco believes the July Fourth holiday was a natural fit for highlighting the nation’s dysfunctional health-care system. “There’s that line in the Declaration of Independence about a ‘long train of abuses,’” he says. “That’s what the American people have suffered from this health-care system.”

How dare they. The long train of abuses as outlined in the Declaration of Idependence had to do with brash restrictions and constrictions on freedom. FREEDOM. To try to equate the goal to have government universally pay for our health care with the fact that we had a standing foreign army in our land is ridiculous. It's ironic that they quote the Declaration, which decried taxation without representation, as justification for raising taxes on only select American citizens.

Obama's health care plan is about one thing: Paying back the unions. And to the Unions it's about one thing, ensuring that health care is a right equal to the unalienable rights bestowed to us by our Creator: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

What we celebrate tomorrow is what our founders sacrificed in order to give us such comfortable lives where prosperity is ours for the taking. But to liberals it is about fighting for a country that looks more like the foreign shores from which our founders fled then the brave idea that is America.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Annoy a Liberal Thought of the Day

Liberals believe in a "progressive tax system", but shouldn't the number progress from something other than 0%?

Bush actually removed millions of people from the bottom of the tax rolls and reduced tax rates for everybody, it's a huge liberal lie that his tax cuts only helped "the rich."

My proposal:

Actually tax everybody, we're "all in this together" Right? We all should "share the pain" Right? This could help bring in the much needed "revenue" that liberals say we need to balance budgets, (vs. cutting spending which is the conservative solution.)

So let's start with, say a 5% income tax for those at the bottom. You have to pay at least some percentage of your income to the least if you want to vote. If you don't want to vote, you can keep on paying nothing. Sounds fair to me.