Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Off the Top of My Head

My blogging is light these days- newborn twins combined with a Minnesota summer.

Also, I have so much to say and yet nothing to say- does that make sense? I can't seen to get my thoughts together. This is all I can offer:

Obama's Date Nights- Dude you're the President of the United States, not some suburban dad. Quit being so arrogant (shutting down streets in NYC to see a play and eat in The Village) and your safety is critical to our nation (taking a Gulfstream jet?)

Tim Geithner being laughed at by Chinese students. He's a joke here and abroad.

The proposed Government-ownership of GM 67% of Americans oppose it. Want to save U.S. Automakers? Get rid of CAFE standards and let them build cars that people want to buy. Personally I'd like something that's not a mini-van or a huge SUV, but can still seat 6 people, haul stuff and look cool. Even the Prius is touting that "it's larger"-- I LOVE their new commercial ("Harmony" Ad Campaign- brilliant) and sing along to it every time it's on.

Conan O'Brien's now hosting "The Tonight Show" (I'm up feeding babies) Juvenile- the show no longer has an ounce of the sophistication and wit of Johnny Carson...I feel very old at 35.

More soon.


Jim said...

I heard Marty might run... here are other interesting names I just found, including our own David Hann. He's up there with Tom Emmer in the "Best Friends of the Taxpayer" list. Laura Brod also scores high marks, as does Paul Kohls.

suburban prep said...

I can not handle Conan so won't watch.
As for the other two subjects of Obama and Geitner they make my stomach churn with what they are doing tot he US