Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ideological Tests at The U

So- here are the essay questions for entrance into the University of Minnesota Masters of Nursing Program:


Please respond to all of the following essay questions. Prepare your responses carefully, as they are your opportunity to tell the Admissions Committee about yourself in ways that might not be evident from your academic record. The School seeks to admit and educate a diverse student body, both in order to enrich the students' educational experience and to prepare them to meet the health needs of a diverse society. Student body characteristics that will enhance the diversity in the school include leadership qualities, a strong work record, community or public service record, special talents and interests, gender (males are underrepresented in the nursing profession), and a wide range of economic, social, racial/ethnic and geographic backgrounds.

Essay I: Given that there are many more applicants to the MN program than can be admitted, discuss what makes you an excellent candidate for this intensive program. Include experiences that have prepared you for a career in nursing and your career goals. (Please do not exceed 2 double-spaced pages.)

Essay II: Following instructions 1 – 3 below, prepare an essay in response to the statement below. (Please do not exceed 2 double-spaced pages.) If you cite any published sources provide citations within your response and complete references at the end of your response.Statement: "It is appropriate for the state government to provide funding for health care and education of illegal immigrants."

First, take the perspective of someone who agrees with this statement and provide rationale that supports agreement.

Next, take the perspective of someone who disagrees with this statement and provide rationale that supports disagreement.

Finally, indicate the position - either agreement or disagreement - that YOU support given what you know at this time. Provide rationale for your position, considering the validity of the rationale you provided previously for agreement and disagreement.

Can you believe this? Of course you can- it's liberal academia. Although they deny their bias continually.

The second question was recently changed from a more generic one.

More on this later....

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Jim said...


Please respond to the following statement:

"This test is designed to filter out people based on their political views, not their talents or skills."

First, pretend you agree. Next pretend you disagree. One page each. We should be able to tell your opinion based on how well you answer each way, but in case we have illiterate equal opportunity quota morons grading this, you do a good job telling us what we want to hear, or we just want an easy way to throw away tests that have the "wrong" answer, we'll also ask you to directly answer how you feel about the statement.

I'm sure Judge Sotomayor would have no problem if that's actually how they graded it.

Let's see, I have a 2.6 GPA, I faint at the sight of blood, but I enjoy my extra curricular volunteering as a human trafficker, love illegal immigrants, and I have a twig and berries, so does that make me more qualified than a woman with a 3.6 GPA who happens to think the government shouldn't be rewarding illegal immigrants and encouraging more with these expensive incentives?

It is a fascinating question, and it would be interesting to know what they think, but it makes it so easy to discriminate based on political views that they probably shouldn't be asking it on an entrance exam.

I'm sure some liberal nitwit just wants a "balance of opinions" represented in the new generation of nurses. Even if 80% (I haven't checked) of the state thinks illegals shouldn't get government-funded healthcare, some twit in the admissions office will find some perverse justification for making sure 50% or more of the admitted students think we should pay for the care of illegals. Then they'll say, "we didn't discriminate in the admissions process since students with both views were allowed into the school" even though the proportions are totally screwed up and they probably rejected many more qualified students to achieve whatever they thought was an ideal balance.

I bet they never asked that kind of crap even in the USSR. Amazing.

And does anyone even care that males are underrepresented in nursing? If a female nurse can't physically move some fatty to prevent his bed sores, she can call an orderly. I really don't see any real advantage to increasing the number of male nurses at the expense of qualified female nurses.