Monday, June 15, 2009

Gipper's List

I'm so excited to be one of the first bloggers in the entire country to launch a new web site:

Gipper's List is the brainchild of my creative sister, Mary. It's quite simply a "Craig's List for Conservatives." A pro-active protest against the liberals out there who want to take all of your hard-earned money using the power of government. Republican to Republican transactions.

I'm a big Craig's List user...just bought a very cool old set of leather bound encyclopedias for $20 from a woman in Eden Prairie a few weeks ago. I've bought and sold many times and never had a problem except when some crazy chick shopped my kid's clothing sale and stole things.

I also sold a sofa to an artist who lived in Linden Hills. We developed a brief friendship. She had a cute line of handmade children's clothing-- it wasn't cheap stuff, but I appreciated her work. I bought a couple things from her and encouraged her to be more aggressive with her business plan. We met a few times, she wanted some advice on getting her business to the next level. One day the state of the economy came up, she started bashing George Bush and Republicans. She later emailed me to invite me to one of her clothing shows, asking me to bring friends. I politely declined-- why would I help somebody who so hated my political party and what I stood for?

I also sold an armoire to a young couple...when I saw the Army bumper stickers I knocked down the price "Military discount".

This Gipper's List idea is a big one. Finally we have the option to support like-minded individuals who understand that hard work, success and achievement are good things. Who believe in the American Dream and way of life.

I'll be posting a lot more about this website soon....but go check it out!


Preppy 101 said...

Yay - Knoxville is on there!! What is your plan to get this out! Newspapers? Radio?

Jim said...

Obama is worse, but I wouldn't blame anyone for criticizing Bush's economic policies and the Republicans who blindly followed along. Hmm, massive government growth, trillions in added debt, bailouts, nationalization, etc... the Dems don't have a monopoly on reckless government spending and power grabs.

If the artist was so partisan that she ONLY blamed Republicans (which is what it sounds like), I can understand not wanting to deal with her bias; but, on the other hand, to think Republicans are blameless in our economic problems is an equally partisan blindness to reality. (By the way, I'm not accusing you of this, just some Republicans have taken the gipper's "Thou shall not speak ill of any fellow Republican'" a little too far and put up with way too many wimpy "conservatives" who are hardly conservative at all.)

The whole economic system has been flawed for decades, and neither party has done much of substance to reverse it or solve the underlying problems. Team A will tax you 38% and grow spending 13% per year while Team B will tax you 32% and grow spending 9% (in completely fabricated numbers). Sure, one team is obviously better, but boy, what a crock if those are the two choices you get year after year and are expected to get excited about it as if there will be "change" if one side wins over the other.

Tom said...

I was excited at first but then I read her 'restricted items' which included firearms. How conservative can you be if you believe firearms are 'evil' and include them in the same category as pornography? May as well continue using the ultra liberal craigslist and ebay!

Tom F. Fort Wayne, IN

Sheila said...

Hi Tom-
Mary and her husband are gun owners- the restrictions on the sale of them and legalities involved was the issue-
I encourage you to support the site

Tom said...


Your sister's site merely posts what others have for sale, Gipper's List would not be the seller of firearms listed, therefore, there are no restrictions or legalities to be concerned about. and are very successful as firearms related sales and auction sites. All that needs to be done is the same thing that these sites require; that all transactions conform to federal, state, and local firearms laws. It works well. All firearm transactions and shipments are done through FFL dealers. Parts sales are just like any other item, sell them and ship them!

Tom F.
Fort Wayne, IN

Mary said...

Hey Tom--thanks for the advice. I'd like to pick your brain. Can I contact you via phone or email and ask you a few questions?

Tom said...


Sure, but please do not 'pick' too much. I haven't many brains to spare. How do I get you contact info without broadcasting it to the entire country?

Thank you,

Fort Wayne, IN

Mary said...

Tom--post a comment with your info. Sheila will pass it on to me and delete (not publish) your comment.