Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Enquiring Minds

In last Friday's Star Tribune which featured an entire page dedicated to the Mark Sanford affair (on Page 3), yet no coverage of the historic House vote that day on Cap and Trade...I noticed something interesting in a sidebar:

The State, Columbia, S.C.'s daily newspaper, has been at ground zero of the case, indirectly triggering Sanford's admission Wednesday that he had been having an affair with a woman in Argentina.

Prodded by an anonymous tip, a reporter for the newspaper staked out the Atlanta airport Wednesday morning -- and promptly ran into Stanford getting off a flight from Buenos Aires.
Here's her account of the encounter:

First of all, it's funny that the Strib would dedicate any local reporter on this story...why not just run something from the AP? Aren't they supposed to be strapped for resources? Didn't they just fire a bunch of writers? I guess there are still enough folks left that they could assign somebody to report on a story that only affects the people of South Carolina.

But more importantly, does anybody recall any paper--ANY-- tracking down John Edwards in Beverly Hills with the mother of his love child? Did any reporter stake out LAX or the hotel rooms where he met time and time again with his mistress? Did anybody ask why he lied about the affair while he was still on the campaign trail for President? Or- why Edwards hired this woman- who he met in a bar- as a paid campaign worker? One paper did, the National Enquirer, who now holds as much legitimacy as any other newspaper as far as I'm concerned.

The mainstream media admitted it was tipped off almost a year before the story finally broke.

Reading this account in Newsweek surely begs the question: "What did the media know and when did they know it?"

John Edwards was the Democrat's Vice Presidential nominee, he was a strong contender in the Democrat's bid for the White House DURING the time he was having the affair.

Look, Mark Sanford cheated on his wife. He was caught and he immediately admitted to the affair to the press. The main problem was that he left the country as a sitting Governor- and nobody knew where he was. What would happen if there was an emergency? Stupid. If I were in South Carolina, I'd be calling for his resignation.

But let me just point out that Bill Clinton and John Edwards lied again and again and again and only told the truth when their backs were right up against the wall. Bill Clinton "just lied about sex." No, he lied to a federal grand jury during testimony in a sexual harassment law suit and then lied again to the entire country while shaking his finger at us.

But, it's the Republicans who receive the brunt of the feigned shock from the media when clearly --time and again-- the people in our party tell the truth in these situations while theirs lie. Doesn't that count for something?

Believe me-- I'm not excusing the behavior-- it's all scandalous. Sanford is a grade-A FLAKE based on some of the stuff that's being said now. It sounds like a really bad soap opera and his wife would be absolutely nuts to stay with him. I know there are kids involved, but he has completely humiliated her and he doesn't love her and those four boys shouldn't see that as a role model for their future marriages.

But the real issue here is of a continued double-standard in the media. There seem to be so few enquiring minds in the journalism field today. Blinded by their personal politics, yet pretending they're not, reporters rarely demonstrate enough curiosity to break stories that affect their friends in the Democrat party. But, boy-oh-boy, they'll stake out an airport if it means they get to bring down a Republican.

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Jim said...

He was a good fiscal conservative, so he must be destroyed. It was extremely stupid of him to act in a way that allowed it to happen, but there's little doubt that the media likes to jump all over Republicans for this kind of stuff. But yeah, it was stupid, but it wasn't super weird like some of the other recent scandals.

I wonder how he met his girly and if she was hired or introduced to him by nefarious people to seduce him for future blackmail. I guess he was still a House Rep when he met her eight years ago, but that's still a good time to try to corrupt a politician. I have no evidence or conviction one way or the other, and pretty much doubt it, but that kind of stuff goes on and you only hear about it when they cross the wrong people (or you never hear about it because they vote in a way that pleases the corrupter and the secret stays secret). They try to corrupt you with power and/or money, if that doesn't work, they'll try to get you with some kind of sex, and if that doesn't work, they might try something else. I'm not saying this or every scandal is some kind of blackmail, but world history is full of examples, and it's not unreasonable to think it still goes on in places around the world, including the US.

Either that, or politics is full of perverts and cheaters who just get into trouble by themselves without any back room secrets... who knows... it's impossible to prove, by design ;)

I suppose the other reasoning is that the world is full of perverts and cheaters, but we only hear about the famous ones on the news.