Thursday, June 4, 2009

Early Prediction from a Little Old Activist

In the race for Governor- The DFL's best bet is cleary Margaret Anderson Kelliher. Minnesotans would love to put a woman in as Governor and although she's from ultra-lib Minneapolis, she grew up on a farm in Southern Minnesota where she was a 4-H member. She's also a Harvard Grad (not that I care, but liberals sure do).

Her liberal views, her bobbling of this legislative session may have an effect, but she looks so much like a nice Minnesotan that she can probably get around that. People have a very short memory. This legislative session- believe it or not- will not be on the radar in 2010.

Never under-estimate demeanor and style. Yes, I realize that it's comical that I'm using the word style in regards to the Speaker of the House-but that's exactly what it is.

Any of the following DFL candidates that are currently being discussed would be a dream for the GOP:

Corrput rich-guy Matt Entenza
Loser rich-guy Mark Dayton
Ridiculous liberal mayor of St. Paul, Chris Coleman
More ridiculous mayor of crime city Minneapolis, R.T. Ryback

Bring any of these guys on- bring on MAK and it will be a race.


Cool Gal said...

What about GOP? Has there been talk? Did I miss something?

The DFL are all a bunch of losers.

Wonder if Pawlenty will run for pres.?

Sheila said...

There are about 20 people who have their names in on the GOP side- we need it to shake out a bit more

My State Senator- who is awesome- David Hann is on the list

Cool Gal said...

What are your thoughts on Pawlenty running for pres?

Cool Gal said...

Oh, just noticed the list of names on Minnesota Democrats Exposed. Didn't even see it and it's on my blog list...duh!

Love, love, love the idea of Michelle Bachman.

Sheila said...

Pawlenty- hmm- well I'm a Romney girl- so it would depend who's in and if Pawlenty stays strong on spending.

Pawlenty's definitely running though.

Jim said...

Hmm, Marty has better name recognition than Hann, but Hann is more calm/cool and has a better hair line :)

Laura Brod ruined herself on the Twins Stadium (and I still am not thrilled with T.Paw about that, either).

It will be very interesting to see what happens. If we put up a very conservative gov' candidate or some moderate wishy-washy clown that will show the disenchanted Republicans that nothing has changed and the party/state/country really is hopeless.

Sheila said...

Hann has a 97 Lifetime Score from the Taxpayer's League- Siefert is 84-- Brod 80, Kohls 90