Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Mysterious Case of Jug Head's Crown

It's Jon's 41st birthday.

Poor thing. When you get to be our age, it is kind of just another day. Especially with kids and work and everything else. But we pulled it off. Jon picked out a new bike at Target (like a six year old) and hid it in the garage. I went to Dicks after work and bought him an Adidas track shirt (the clerk--I'm 99% sure she was an Obama voter--didn't speak to me once during the entire transaction. In fact, when I approached the registry, she didn't say a word to me but pointed to another registry...a sign for me to follow her I guess). He feigned delight and surprise and blew out the candles.

After the kids were FINALLY in bed, we went outside to have a birthday drink. That's when he told me about Jug Head.

He picked the story up from his favorite site

Apparently, some guy was at a dinner party and the topic of JugHead's weird crown came up. Nobody could figure out why JugHead wore a crown when all the other Archie's wore "normal" hats.

Well, the group talked about it and decided that answers could be found on the Net.

The question haunted him. So, he did some investigative journalism.

And he came up with this great piece--which is getting tons of traffic.

Didn't want to read it - figured it another one of Jon's weird things...but he was insistant; so I did.

I am always amazed at what a curious mind can uncover. Especially with the Internet available to Google and Triple Google and connect the dots.

Thus, thanks to a regular dude's curiousity, we know exactly why JugHead wore a crown. We know the history. We even have pictures that support the answer. This guy wanted the answer, so he dug and dug - no paycheck, just the joy of the chase...

Yet, somehow, our own "professional" press corps, never managed to answer any of the questions we (I?) had about Barack Obama during the election. Things like:

-What did Obama do in Pakistan a month during college with his Pakistani buddies (besides learn to pronounce PALK-I-STON)?

-Why did Barack move back to Chicago...he had no ties to Chicago. Why Chicago?

-If Bill Ayers is just a 'guy in my neighborhood' why did he chose Obama to lead the Annenberg Challenge project and dole out $49M+ worth of money to schools based on their "philosophy"?-

-What was Barack doing during the Columbia years? (Didyou know that Bill Ayers was attending courses at an adjacent college at the same time? Is it remotely possible that they met in NYC?)

-Did Michelle Obama meet Ayer's wife Bernadine Dohrn in the late 80s when they both worked at the same law firm in Chicago? (wondering how Bernadine the Bomber got a job? Ayer's father did business with one of the partners and called in a favor for his DIL)

-Do people know that the foundation that Barack served on shelled out money to Reverend Wright's church?

-How did Obama get into Harvard Law School? Did you know that a "special favor" was called in? By a Saudi buddy?

The unanswered questions still knaw at me. But what knaws at me even more is the fact that the press was (is, and will always be) so in the tank, that they didn't even think to ask the questions in the first place. Zero curiosity. And now that the democrats have all the power, they are going to try and spin the Fairness Doctrine to silence anybody who dares to upset the apple cart.

Well, it's water under the bridge now. So be it. But the bottom line is that I now know more about the facts of some cartoonist's headpiece on a period character than I do about the man who's running the country. It would be funny, if it weren't so wrong.

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