Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More on Daniel Webster

The Star Tribune has another article today about the change of name from Webster Elementary to Barack and Michelle Obama Service Learning Elementary over in St. Paul- the School Board votes tonight.

Because the school followed the prescribed process, board member Anne Carroll said she'll likely vote to approve the change. She said when one board member asked her, "Well, what if they had come up with Ronald Reagan High School?" she replied, "Well, I would hold my nose" and vote for it, if they followed the process.

"If [Obama] turns out to be the most awful president on the planet, and we're embarrassed to have his name associated with us, then we'll change it back," she said.

My sister reported on this farse a while I was out-- the most stunning finding to me is that a bunch of elementary school students are the ones forcing this change (led by their liberal principal of course).

"Students, staff and St. Paul residents were invited to cast ballots Thursday. The Obama name came away with roughly 60 percent of the 854 votes cast."

Staff voted slightly in favor of keeping the Webster name, 57-43

All St. Paul residents were invited to vote, but only 59 did. That group slightly favored the Webster name (34-25).

Parents of Webster students favored Obama, 30-12. That means that the other 653 votes were cast by students (I've sent these number to Acorn and am awaiting confirmation).

Why don't we just let all students across the state re-name their schools with 2 names on the ballot?

Vote for one:
Eden Lake Elementary or
Jonas Brother Learning Academy

What a joke.

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Jim said...

It's a distant memory, but I think the students did vote to name Cedar Ridge or Oak Point (or both) back when they were new. It was multiple choice (no fill-in-the-fad), and they were all nice/classy choices. I don't know how much weight they gave the student vote, but I think they were asked.

In unrelated news, I'm glad we sent millions of soldiers to fight fascism in Europe so we could have the "freedom" to tell the auto companies and credit card companies how to run their business in what amounts to economic fascism.