Sunday, May 3, 2009

Michelle and Barry on People's "Most Beautiful" List

I know all you fashion-followers will want to read about it here

The People list is always kind of annoying. George Clooney and Brad Pitt's running joke about who is more handsome. Puke already.

I' m not going to talk about Michelle Obama's looks. It's all so subjective. Sheila and I both think she is cute. Other friends don't. Whatever. Who cares. I sure wouldn't want people commenting about my looks in the blogosphere. Fashion...well that's fair game.
This quote hit me the RIGHT way:
"I had a father and a brother who thought I was beautiful, and they made me feel that way every single day," Mrs Obama told People magazine.

"I grew up with very strong male role models who thought I was smart and fast and funny, so I heard that a lot. I know that there are many young girls who don't hear it. But I was fortunate."

I completely agree with this statment.

I know many women who grew up with their fathers (or mothers) picking on their weight. Or pointing out their blemishes. Or just ignoring them in general. Perhaps it was just how things were back in the day. I think there were good things about the "Get in the basement when adults come over" days. I think that our culture has become extremely kid-centric. It is a fine line.

But it goes without saying that little girls need to be built up by their fathers. The focus should be on their intelligence, personality, and accomplishments. If they are well-behaved, tell them. If they do something they are proud of, ask them about it. If THEY think they are funny, laugh at their jokes. I know a handful of women who had this type of father and you can tell. You can totally tell. I see Jon with Holly and know that she is having a completely different experience than I had during my childhood (or most women of my "vintage" had).

So, as sick as I am of Michelle's fashion being shoved down my throat, I will give credit where credit is due. Perhaps what is most "All American" about Michelle is her family and upbringing.

Now, what DOES make me really mad is seeing Tina Fey's name on the list. Again, I'm not going to comment on what I think of her looks. But here is the obvious question:

If Tina Fey's name is on the list, shouldn't Sarah Palin's be?

See a gallery preview here


liz said...

Brilliant post - it must be in the family! I agree with you - fathers have a great impact on how their daughters build their self esteem. Thank goodness for the good dads.

Bob Dole said...

Mary, up here in the land of 10,000 taxes, the folks in the Peoples Republic of Minneapolis/St. Paul have a plan in the works to rename a school after Barack and Michelle Obama.

Much too soon to be naming schools after B&M, IMNSHO, even for a Chicago School.

Jim said...

Indeed, it's highly subjective. However, I do think the media has been trying to redefine what's "beautiful" for a while now.