Wednesday, May 20, 2009

GOP Nursery

By popular demand- pictures of the boys' room.
What's a GOP Activist to do besides have an elephant-themed nursery? We have a small upstairs bedroom with double doors (weird room) that we had painted a lime green (which I never liked) and used as a TV/toy/junk room off our smallish master bedroom. I was going to paint it something more "boyish"-- but found the Pottery Barn sheets and decided to stick with the classic blue and green.

The girls had a "vintage lambie shabby chic" theme with lots of 1950's lamb chotchkies off of ebay- pale blue walls and lots of pink accents. I had a hard time finding non-jungle/non-circus-themed elephants....but did find these awesome Frankoma vintage 1981/1985 Reagan/Bush mugs online...thanks to a fellow Prepublican's tip.

The blue cribs were Jane and Kathleen's (I was convinced I'd have at least one boy out of that pair). If you look closely- you can see teeth marks on both of them. The rocking chair was also from their room- as were the vintage white chenille bumpers and changing table baskets. That's"reuse and recycle"GOP-style...The chair has matching curtains which I kept in the girls' room-- went with Plantation Shutters for some "architecture" on really ugly casement windows (a Minnesota curse-- oh, I miss double-hungs).

Elephant sheets, elephant rug (floor sample- score!) and elephant lamp all from Pottery Barn. Awesome blue trimmed retro shade pendant (thanks for the suggestion Mary) is from Restoration Hardware Kids.

Changing Table is an el-cheapo from Target- found the blue super soft "minky" fabric cover at Marshalls.
John S. McCain the moderate elephant is in his Navy Finery- and a print from online in a Target frame hangs above the dresser (scale is way-off- there is no cute elephant art online!!) Holding out for some cute plates to flank...

My very talented MIL designed and made the adorable twin-elephant quilts. I love them.

And more hand-crafted cute from my sister who made these adorable elephant monogram plaques with ribbon and button detail...SO CUTE!!

Tom and Mike will soon outgrow this baby room, but it's been fun to decorate with a bit of old and new. Our party mascot is the best-- can you imagine a nursery filled with jackasses??


Preppy 101 said...

Well, unfortunately, I can imagine a Congress filled with jackasses ;-)

This room is too cute. Your boys will grow up to be wonderful people since they have gotten off on the "right" foot!! {I have seen the Frankoma mugs on ebay. I love them. I guess I need to make that a purchase for sure!!}

Mary said...

Darling! My favorite kind of decorating--1/2 stuff you already have, 1/4 creative finds and projects, 1/4 new. It is very, very cute! Can't wait to see it in person.

liz said...

It is so cute and you're so creative. The elephant theme is adorable and I love all the personal touches.

Cool Gal said...

So adorable. I love the rug and the quilts are just precious.

Jim said...

Hey now, what's easier than cranking open your casement window? Maybe they don't look as nice to you, but they are functional. Double-hung windows get old and stuck and might be more drafty in the winter. I suppose they've figured out a way to prevent that by now. However, if you like actually looking out the window, who wants a big bar right in the middle? Again, more functional.

Sheila said...

HA! Jim- you are a man's man-practicality trumps looks-- got it. I still don't like casements-give me the high energy bill :)