Friday, May 15, 2009

Falling in Love Again

"Falling in Love Again, What's a girl to do? I can't help it."

There was a man in my life who I wanted to depend on. I wanted him to protect me from the liberal agenda in this blue state and I was secure in the knowledge we would do so. I gave him my time, I gave him my loyalty.

My mother tried to warn me off..."I don't like him, I don't know why, I just don't".

I defended him at every turn, "but mother, how can you not like him?" I didn't understand, I couldn't understand. He was my Governor and I loved him.

And then it happened- that day in April of 2007 when I caught him. I caught him with the Star Tribune. A fawning editorial written about his proposed Climate Change Advisory Group and I knew- right then- it was over.
He told us we should have listened to Jimmy Carter and then he criss-crossed the nation to support another "Cap and Tax" Republican (who always seemed to apologize for being a Republican) in his bid for the White House.

And then he was dumped. Dumped for an Alaska babe. Good. I was glad. Now he knew how it felt to be lonely and abandoned and confused-- trying to figure out how something could go so wrong.

Friends would invite me to functions where he was making an appearance- but I'd refuse to go.

"Who cares?" I'd choke out between my sobs, "I never want to see him again".

But all that changed today. Governor Pawlenty has won back this conservative's heart in one press release.


Cool Gal said...


I know, I love him, too.

I'm so proud to be from this Blue State right now (Blue state with a Red gov. who is going to kick ass and take names!).

Go, Tim, go!

Jim said...

Heh, he should line-item veto more than is "necessary" as long as he's doing it... and though he seems to have avoided it, I'm never bothered by a government shutdown ;)