Wednesday, May 20, 2009

End of Session

Liberals are out there whining about what Governor Pawlenty did to them- made them look like the bunch of fools that they are.

They are whining that there's been no public, you ran around the state gathering public input for months and hint: you are publicly elected officials who represent public input.

Our household breathes a sigh of relief that we bought at least one more year of not paying one of the highest tax rates in the nation. Our Minnesota tax bills are already absolutely outrageous and both the DFL and GOP wanted even more of our money. The DFL wanted another $6,000 or so (not including their mortgage deduction plan which would have added another huge amount of money to that number).

And the Governor wanted another $5,000 or so-- Little known fact, Governor Pawlenty wanted to raise the "Provider Tax" on physicians to 2% of gross billings and dump it into the general fund, so when people say there were no tax hikes in his original budget proposal, they were wrong. There is no "provider tax" on lawyers- of course. Not on dentists, or accountants or any other profession- just doctors.

So we are able to keep $10,000+ of our money.

The interesting thing is- is that even if they got their way- and got that money- it still wouldn't be enough to support even one welfare mom with one child in this state for one year. Think about that. There are only so many "rich" people to take more from and even if they all got their way- it still wouldn't do the trick. The spending is simply, factually unsustainable.

The sad part about this session is that there was so little talk of reform from both sides. Of course I blame the DFL for this because putting a budget together months ahead, instead of days ahead, could have led to some of this conversation.

No education reform conversation. We can do so much better in this state, we should be leading the nation in a conversation about education funding and innovation to have the best system in the country. Redefine public education as we know it. It can be done and we could get all-sides on board. No real healthcare reform conversation. No welfare reform conversation. Nothng.

The DFL just wants to dump more money at problems and tax more to get the money. It's really sad. These are supposed to be smart people, right?

"Tax the rich"-- that's all that progressives have right now-- "they wouldn't let us tax the rich, that's why we failed"

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