Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cult of Personality

At the grocery store today- here's what I see:

Gag. Newsweek- here's the article.

From the article:

In Obama's universe, strength and subtlety are not mutually exclusive. He may make the wrong call—things could go disastrously awry, at home or abroad, on his watch—but one of the most interesting and underappreciated things to emerge from these early days is how comfortable Obama is in making the call. He savors exercising the power of the presidency. Woodrow Wilson described the office as "the vital place of action in the system." From the financial sector to the automobile industry to terrorism, Obama has personally taken on those institutional characteristics. He is the action.

At decorting store Homegoods I see this:

Mary sees the same thing at her Homegoods in Atlanta...because we suburban women can't wait to hang a huge picture of the annointed one next to our botanical prints and transferware plates. Must be for the dorm rooms.

Gag again.


Cool Gal said...

Really, is someone actually buying those pictures?

Gag is right!

I can't even look at him and his smug face. YUCK!

Jim said...

The president shouldn't have that much power. He shouldn't be "the action." This isn't a dictatorship or kingdom. He has no constitutional authority to do anything with the financial or auto industry. Regarding terror, it would also be nice to actually have the Congress declare war once in a while instead of just allowing all these endless undeclared wars to drain our blood and treasure in relabeled nation-building exercises.

These attitudes about the president are so screwy. "Who will run the country better, the Red guy or the Blue guy?" Guess what, goofballs, no president should be running the country that much. What ever happened to "Checks and Balances"? When there's a power grab by one party, the other party doesn't give up the power when it's their turn (no matter how much hypocrisy they point out during the campaign, they soon turn to it themselves). You may like what "your guy" is doing when he's grabbing power, but beware of what will happen when the masses inevitably get sick of it and call for "change." Of course, they are given a fake choice of two government-expanders, but in their "throw the bums out" logic, they go for the perceived "opposite" of whoever is in power. I think that's what turned off a lot of true "limited-government" conservatives from the Republican party. Bush grew it, and now Obama is continuing to use those powers and is expanding it even more. I'm glad there's "Red Team" outrage at Obama now, but where was that rage when the Red Team was doing the government expansion and destroying their credibility? Of course, the people keep swinging back and forth from Red to Blue and back again, always forgetting the broken campaign promises of years past and hoping "this time will be different," so the Red Team will have their turn again in a few years. Here's hoping the Red Team can offer some true conservatives and actual government reducers next time, and it will actually be different. I'm not holding my breath, but I can naively "hope" for "change" like the boobs buying Obama posters... I just hope for a real change back to a constitutionally limited government we haven't seen in decades.

suburban prep said...

People just need to get over him already.

Preppy 101 said...

Makes me physically ill. That's all I have to say about it.

raisingmykidsright said...

Hilarious, if people are hanging these pictures up in their homes can you even imagine what their homes look like!?!? Really, just think about that for a moment!

I hope that people will start to realize soon that he is not God. God would have gone to the prayer breakfast.

Mary said...

Raising my kids right: If House Hunters and the liberal HGTV offers any clues about the decor of such homes, I'm seeing alot of earth tones.