Thursday, May 14, 2009


The Obama's Hosted A "Poetry Jam" at the White House on Tuesday night.

Mrs Obama said: "I have wanted to do this from day one, the notion of standing in this room and hearing some poetry."

Racing with speed
Needing reform
Our healthcare in jeopardy
By July we'll have Change!

The press is so excited about her asymetrical top, but look at those bottoms. Who is dressing her?

Trying SO hard to be the new Kennedys with poetry and designer fashions at the White House. How many more years of this??


suburban prep said...

I think and believe that these two and the Democratic party are acting and dressing wrong.
I am not sure I can wait four mor years.

Preppy 101 said...

Try as they might, Kennedy's they will NEVER be. I wish everyone would get over her fashion. Everyone acts like all the other first ladies have been frumpy non-fashionistas!! So irritating!

Jim said...

Hehe, that top almost looks like a wardrobe malfunction.