Friday, April 3, 2009

Yelling Fire!

Eden Prairie City Council member Ron Case had a commentary in the EP News yesterday. One assertion Case makes really stood out:

Recently, the Budget Advisory Commission (appointed last December by the City Council) recommended closing our Senior Center in an attempt to reduce our annual city budget expenditures.

It's funny- because local Republicans have been "fact-checked" when they submit letters to the editor in the local papers- (me included). Yet the EP News prints this complete distortion of fact without question? It's my understanding that the BAC has made a sound recommendation to move the Sr. Center into the brand new EP Community Center- which would save money and consolidate city services in one central area.

The current Sr. Center on Eden Prairie Road is not a great facility- if I had to take a guess I would say it was retrofitted from something else as it doesn't seem very friendly to those with mobility issues. The Community Center (which was way over budget, but that's another story) is a very nice facility and surely has the most up-to-date accommodations for those with disabilities including a covered drive-up/drop off. My grandma plays bridge weekly at a Bloomington Sr Center- that type of access is a huge help.

Case continues his method of stoking the fires using emotion rather than facts and reason. To purposely leave out that fact that the BAC's recommendation was to move the Sr. Center- not close it- is very irresponsible for an elected official.

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