Friday, April 24, 2009


I've been asking myself why the Obama administration is wanting to release documents relating to interrogation methods. Why go back to this issue? Why now when so much is at stake with our country and our economy? Why not "move forward" and "turn the page" as Obama has so often promised? What good does this do for our country in regards to international relations or diplomacy?

There is a new President, he won the election (as they like to remind us continually), doesn't that send a message without our Commander in Chief personally ensuring that our military is brought under higher scrutiny and scorned for tactics that obviously helped to keep our country safe?

Powerline today asks the same questions.

My answer is this: They want to destroy the Republican party and they think this will get them closer to that goal. They want a one-party system. Dragging George Bush and Dick Cheney through the mud- as they did for two years- was not enough. They're in power, they want more. They want no dissent from the other party. Or if there is dissent- then it should be from such a small minority of voices that it is irrelevant.

They won't win, but I fear that this exercise will only embolden our enemies. They know this too, so I'm back to asking....why?


Goose said...

It is because Obama is working very hard to create a tyranny, plain and simple. Tyrannies try to build concensus by limiting debate and attacking their challengers and reaching for more power at every turn. Look no further than the current House and Senate and Administration. Or, just look to Venezuela and Hugo Chavez.

This is going to end very, very badly for Obama. He is releasing CIA documents, backward threatening the very organization that works their heart out to keep America safe from enemies both abroad and at home. Statements of himself, his Attorney General, and Obama's own Director of National Intelligence, Dennis Blair, all contradict each other. Blair said definitively that these techniques worked to extract information that prevented American casualties at home.

People continue to forget that on 9/11 our country was attacked by radical Islamic terrorists and killed 3,000 people. After that, these terrorists beheaded Americans abroad and planned and executed terror acts in other countries that killed people. But not one on American soil due to the excellent strategies employed by the Bush administration.

Waterboarding was used to extract vital intelligence that prevented an attack on Los Angeles. Waterboarding (or enhanced interrogation) is not beheading, chopping off fingers, or pulling nails out. There are all kinds of people right now who are volunteering to be waterboarded. If it was real torture, would you volunteer to have it done to you?

It is stunning that people like the ACLU are more concerned about treating terrorists with kid gloves than protecting American people. Why is it called the ACLU if you are trying to protect non-citizens? Wake up!

raisingmykidsright said...

And do you know how many were waterboarded? The answer is THREE. Three scum bags, and the liberals are ready to put the entire country at risk for that. Give me a break.