Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Party Time!

Todd and I just got back from the Tax Day Tea party at the Minnesota State Capitol-- a beautiful evening. Here are some shots:

You can see I'm in all black-- trying to look thinner 8 months pregnant- OR- right wing extremist? You decide.

Good buddy Betsy was there with her husband and mom- pictures coming soon. Sister Mary is "live" at the huge one in Atlanta. Here's a shot of her and Jon she sent from her phone:

Everyday, regular, hard-working people- no black-hooded sweatshirts, no militia, no anarchists- just a peaceful protest of people who are begging to be heard. The taxpayers.

People are fed up- fed up. Professional politicians who can't make the tough decisions telling us we need to sacrifice more, tax cheats running the Treasury, people who play by the rules being punished...more and more of our money going to a pig of a government- for what? I hope the Republican party wakes up soon, gains some courage and begins the hard work of leading with conviction and conservatism. It's not your money. I think the tide may just be turning....


BLC :o said...

Well said. I hope you enjoyed the Tea Party! Cheers! Xoxo-BLC

Jim said...

They were saying 10,000 people showed up. Who knows if that's accurate. I'm not a good judge of crowd numbers, but several thousand is certain. It was indeed a beautiful day for it.

Your sign is right on. I don't disagree that tax cuts are a worthy cause, but spending cuts are needed urgently. I guess pointing out the need for spending cuts applies more at the federal level where you can actually have tax cuts and spending increases and get away with it (for a while).

Watch this if you want to see a comically sparse "Tax the Rich" counter protest:

Meanwhile, in spite of the billions (or trillions) of money squandered, they couldn't get 169/494 funded:

That 169/494 story is wrong on so many levels. The goofy feds didn't want to fund it unless the road was built all at once. The local cities and MNDOT wanted to build most now and save a few odd directions for later (like you couldn't go 494 westbound to 169 northbound or whatever it was until some time in the future). What difference does that make? Seriously, you goofy feds. We pay you way more money than we'll ever get back (EP is a donor city in a donor state), and when something actually useful comes along, you nitpick. When the worthless trains need 5x as much money, they always find that.

I have no way to prove it, but I think some bureaucratic clown is trying to get the train to EP built before 494/169 is fixed so they can use the horrible congestion as a justification for the worthless train.

If you look at the way 169/494 is now, they could just take away the stop lights and not allow left turns across the freeway. It's already got three leaves of a cloverleaf. A few people would have to do a couple cloverleaf turns to get going in the opposite direction, but it would generally solve most of the problems for almost zero extra cost. Or they could figure out a way to have north/south always green during rush hour with signs, gates, or something preventing left turns across the freeway during those hours. Anyway, sorry for being way off topic, but it's annoying. You pay so much money in taxes to the government and they let something like 494/169 fester for decades.

Jim said...

Also, in case you missed it, Jen was on Almanac at the Capital again.

Cool Gal said...

Couldn't make it, but was happy to see we had a nice turn-out.

Peaceful protests all across our country. Maybe the angry far-left learned a little something. Haha.

Hoping this is just the beginning of what's to come.

Did you see BO on t.v. making the statement AGAIN that no one making under $250,000 would see a tax increase (in response to the rallies). He just doesn't get it.

Loved the media spin in regards to these tea parties being the result of republicans and Fox News. Are they not listening? Are they not watching?

Goose said...

Yes, it's about cutting spending because people (at least people who have some brain matter) know that you can't increase spending without raising taxes!

Jim - 169/494 - I'm ready to hold a tea party for that as well. Did you see BO talking about cross-country high speed trains today? We can spend billions on that so we can travel to Chicago faster than our workday commutes on 169/494, but we can't take out a few stoplights. Just ridiculous.

Jim said...

Yeah, I heard the goofy bullet train thing, too.

The money needed for the president's plans begin with an $8 billion "down payment" from the stimulus bill, to be followed, he hopes, by $1 billion per year for five years, requested in the federal budget to accelerate the program. A multi-billion dollar "down payment" for something that will cost way more than that to finish and maintain once it's built. It's like the "stimulus" gift that keeps on taking. Then we'll be in it just like we go into AIG, Fannie and Freddie, etc., a "small" number of billions at first, then we keep having to throw good money after bad to pretend to make the first shovel-full tossed down the pit seem like it wasn't wasted.

I guess those are the joys of passing a phonebook-sized bill with less than 12 hours to look at it, assuming you even got one of the few copies available of the 1500+ page beast full of hand-written changes. Since hardly anyone knows what's in it, the "stimulus" bill will be full of these kind of surprises for months, if not years.

I hope he doesn't actually do this moronic train and it's stopped somehow, but they've perverted the economic logic so much that any monumental wasteful spending is seen as "bold action" to "stimulate the economy."

And really, what a bunch of east coast jerks. Over there, where it's more densely populated, a train might make some sense, but for the rest of the country, it's faster and cheaper to take a plane. Also, just because a bunch of goofy politicians have to commute to Washington a lot and don't want to live anywhere near that crime-infested hole doesn't mean most people are taking 100+ mile daily "commutes."

We are not Japan, we are not Europe, we are not the eastern seaboard. This doesn't make sense on a national level and it's pure B.S. that the whole country is paying for it.

This part from the above link sums it up wonderfully:

It's a huge investment that Daniel Mitchell, senior fellow at the CATO Institute, a libertarian think-tank, called "just ludicrous," given the tanking economy.

"If California voters want to throw money down a rat hole for high-speed rail, then let them," Mitchell said. "At least that is not going to cost the taxpayers of Minnesota and South Carolina any money.

"You might as well have the government invest in nuclear-powered bicycles," Mitchell added. "That's probably the only thing I could imagine that would be more of a waste of money than inter-city rail."
I suppose they'll build a few billion of it on the east coast, and maybe shovel some money into California's project, and then let the rest of us pay for it without even getting a worthless train to show for our money. Oh boy. I better stop typing, but you certainly got a nice rant out of me :)

Goose said...

How about this? Back in the day, railroads were built and operated by private industry. Today, so are airlines... AND RAILROADS. So, why in the hell do we need the government building high-speed rail? If there is a need and a business for it, someone will create it.

Furthermore, unless this somehow is deemed to tie back to the Constitution in order to protect our freedom, then I don't see how it can pass legislation. Oh you silly conservative, I forgot, Pelosi and Reid are in charge now. We don't need no stinkin' Constitution.