Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tax Hikes

KARE11 ran a story on the tax hikes- of course they are in St. Paul interviewing liberals who say "if it means lower class sizes and better roads and fixing our budget problem, then fine"....I wonder if these people would voluntarily send a check to the state. No- it never works that way.

There's a poll on the KARE11 website homepage:

Are you willing to pay more state taxes to help erase the $4.6B Minnesota budget shortfall?

Use sin taxes (alcohol and cigarettes)
Cut government

As of 10pm last night-and about 3,700 votes:

10% said "yes" 67% said "no" or "cut government"


Goose said...

I hope they post those results on an upcoming newscast. The "bleeding heart" liberal stories on that news channel just sicken me.

This just proves the point that everyone loves free hot dogs until the question is asked if you will pay for them :)

Cool Gal said...

Saw the same story. Loved the results.

By the way, raising taxes NEVER lowers class size. It's just a farce government wants the public to believe. I had twenty-seven first graders (6-7 year olds) my last year teaching. Bahaha...

ShareYourVoice said...

Taking action is easy and won't take much of your time, but it will make a giant difference: CLICK THE LINK http://www.axetaxesnotjobs.com/ and fill out the form to join the fight against irresponsible and regressive taxes.

"This will cost jobs in our industry— including those of small business owners, servers and bartenders like you who are the lifeblood of our economy. We need your personal involvement and help“

Thank you

Cool Gal said...

Share Your Voice,

I signed up, sent the letter, and passed the link along to three friends.


ShareYourVoice said...

Thats Great Cool Gal. Thanks for passing it along =)

ShareYourVoice said...

Thats Great Cool Gal. Thank you for passing it along to your friends.