Thursday, April 30, 2009

Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails...

That's what little boys are made of!

And on Tuesday about 3:30 am, Sheila and Todd welcomed their adorable and oh-so-identical baby boys, Michael and Thomas. Or, Mike and they are called.

Greetings from Georgia. Your favorite red-state. Land of the Free, Home of the Braves.

It's Mary, Sheila's evil sister (also Republican, although not an activist...see Georgia above).

For the next few weeks, my husband Jon and I will be guest-blogging for Sheila as she recovers from a very complicated delivery.

How do I explain "complicated" to a readership that includes men? Well, without going into graphic detail and getting into details of the female anatomy, let me fill you in.

Sheila and Todd went to the hospital at about midnight on Tuesday. The c-section went fine. But what followed over the next several hours was a perfect storm. Sheila had a hell of a night and lost half of the blood in her body. She went through two "procedures" and found herself in ICU. Very scary.

Thank God that she is doing better today.

I spoke with her an hour ago and she sounded pretty beat, but did manage a laugh when I told her about Joe "Big Bafoon" Biden's latest gaffe. She asked me to post and let you know the "scoop."

So...we welcome Mike and Tom and hope that Sheila will recover as quickly as possible. We also thank God that we don't have government -sponsored healthcare or Sheila would probably be dead. And life without our Activist just wouldn't be any fun. Not any fun at all. Even for her bored (and boring) detractors.

I have some great photos of the boys but can't post them because I am on Jon's Army computer and I can't save or upload any photos. Or go on YouTube. Or do anything fun at all. Maybe I will write Obama because it isn't fair that I shouldn't be able to do all of that if other people can. I'm sure he would fix that right away.

So...while Sheila recovers and gets used to being a mother of FOUR...please join Jon and I for some blogging...Southern Style.


P.S. Sheila is interested in GOP middle names. We like Reagan and Rush. Any suggestions?


Ginny said...


Jim said...

Congrats! Sounds like a bit of an ordeal, but I'm glad all ended well (more or less).

I suppose a slightly less obvious middle name tribute could be Ronald instead of Reagan.

Robert A. Taft was also a good old-school Republican (led the Conservative Coalition against the New Deal, which still haunts our budget decades later), so Robert would be a nice middle name that is again a more subtle tribute to conservatism.

It's probably safer to stick with deceased people in case Rush does something crazy ten years from now.

So, my vote is for a more subtle pair of conservative middle names in Ronald and Robert.

Or maybe she'll want to go with some more recent GOP references with names like Norman and Arlen ;)

Cool Gal said...

Congrats, Sheila. I saw pictures of those adorable babies. Just precious. The girls looked so cute holding them and proud, too. Perhaps they can help you out. :)

Glad to hear you are on the mend. Pretty scary stuff.

Go for the middle names. Love them!

Take care of yourself!

Bill said...

I guess Arlen is out.


Sheila said...

Jim--whenever I think about Taft, I remember someone telling me that he died on the toilet or in the bathtub. Am I dreaming this? He was a big boy, wasn't he?

Sheila said...

By the way--Sheila is Mary. I will figure out how to be myself so Activist isn't held responsible for my comments.

Jim said...

William H. Taft was the big boy President who didn't die in one but was indeed stuck in the tub so had a larger one installed (though him dying in the tub is an urban legend that I actually heard from my 9th grade social studies teacher).

Robert was his more conservative son who was a Senator for a while(and ran for Pres a few times). However, you never learn about him in public school since anyone organizing opposition to the New Deal must be doomed to historical obscurity.

Sheila said...

BTW, Taft's great grandson lives in the Twin Cities. Last I heard he was the CEO of Dain Rauscher.