Sunday, April 19, 2009


I caught House Majority Leader John Boehner on with George Stephanopolous this morning- I thought he was unusually slow and not sharp on his arguments. George teed-up many nice questions this morning that most conservatives could easily answer.

When Stephanopolus pushed him on the global warming issue-- saying things like "but that doesn't do anything to control carbon emissions, Sir"--"every major scientific organization has said that carbon emissions is contributing to climate change" "you don't believe that greenhouse gases are a problem and contribute to climate change?" and more....

Boehner bobbled it--trying to say that we breathe carbon dioxide and cows make carbon dioxide when they- well- you know-- so therefore it's not harmful. When pushed, he back-tracked, saying carbon emissions are a problem.

Here's my answer "you're talking about catastrophic man-made global warming and yes- I'm skeptical. When it's snowing in Georgia in April, I'm skeptical and and I'm not willing to gamble the entire U.S. economy on a scientific theory. But that is my personal opinion based on what I've read (there are scientists out there who dissent from this "consensus" you in the media often quote and that's common-knowledge now). But just for the sake of argument, say catastrophic man-made global warming wasn't a theory and it was fact that could be demonstrated and proven- then why on earth won't President Obama put nuclear energy on the table? A clean energy source that even folks on the left believe could be a solution? Why? Because he is beholden to the far-left environmentalists.....This is the perfect example of how the President is tying America's hands by only allowing wind, solar, biofuels and other renewables on the table. That's fine- but that alone is NOT going to solely power America. Not today- not ever. It's not possible and that IS fact. Americans are extremely frustrated that Washington can't get together on an energy policy- take the issue of global warming out of it, drop the politics, and find a solution that puts every option on the table."

To create a new tax on every American under the umbrella of a mandatory cap and trade program makes no sense- it's a tax that we don't need most certainly not now. We have ways to punish polluters who pollute our air, that should be enough.

At the end of the interview Stephanopolus was trying to make the argument that there was no discontent with taxes (implying that he didn't understand the Tea Parties) "on the issues of taxes 43% of taxpayer's pay no taxes at all and the middle 1/5th only pay about 3% in fedeeral income taxes"

All Boehner needed to say after that was-- "yeah, that's true-- THOSE weren't the people who were protesting on Wednesday- they're perfectly happy- and THAT my friend is the problem"


Mary said...

Sounds like he needed a cigarette.

Jim said...

I saw one of those giant windmills on the way to (or maybe in) Maple Grove the other day.

Goose said...

You need to run for higher office! I think your points are right on target and more importantly, conservative leaders need to bite back with sharp comments without apologies. Reagan did this wonderfully. Newt is also good at this.

Nuclear power (or lack thereof) - see Harry Reid stonewalling putting the waste in Yucca Mountain in his home state of Nevada. I was at a technology banquet and the former CEO of NSP was asked a question why nuclear was not more prominent in this country. Her answer was simple: politics. The place has been ready but nothing is stored there yet.

Energy is delivered "just in time" and therefore, requires solutions like coal, oil, and nuclear that can generate it real time. Wind, solar, and hydro are nice and have their place, but, cannot be generated real time as the wind doesn't blow consistently, the sun is shielded by clouds at times, and hyrdo is turbo charged with rain.

Jim said...

Nuclear waste and concern about where to store it is greatly reduced when you recycle the fuel.