Monday, April 27, 2009

A Political "Progressive's" Heart

We conservatives are supposed to be the "heartless" ones- right? We expect people to work for what they have, we expect fair tax treatment where the word "percentage" has a strict definition. We don't believe that handouts help people and know the TRUTH that self-interest (not to be confused with selfishness) drives human decisions.

Liberals or "Progressives" as they like to be called now- are the "nice" ones. They just want to help everybody and don't understand why some are unwilling to part with more of their money in order to do so-- you HAVE it, so you should be more than happy to GIVE it to the government. If you do- we just KNOW that we can make everything better and we can ease the pain of those who suffer the most.

But, at the end of the day-- these liberals prove us right. Their self-interest drives their decisions. No matter what they profess as ideology- they look out for #1- themselves.

The Minnesota House passed tax increases galore ($1.5 Billion in new taxes) on Saturday night which included the new top-tier "tax the rich" rate as well as a host of other new taxes including those placed cigarette and alcohol sales as well as energy usage. This article in "Smart Politics" explains what really went down with the votes as 20% of the DFL caucus voted with the GOP.

I found many of the votes downright humorous.

"Progressive Majority Paul" Rosenthal of 41B votes AGAINST the tax increase. According to his bio on the Progressive Majority website Paul is a passionate progressive inspired by another Paul - Paul Wellstone. Paul, Paul would be VERY disappointed in your vote.

Ms. "Take Action" (Progressive Minnesota) Maria Ruud of 42A votes AGAINST the tax increase when she said in our local papers less than two weeks ago that she wants to ensure a that we find ways for our taxes to be "progressive". Could it be- just maybe- that Ms. Ruud knows the median household income in her district is nearly $76,000??

These libs don't dare to vote their conscience, they vote their district to try to hold power. How do they sleep at night? Their little progressive heads must be just filled with guilt. An opportunity to "tax the rich" slips through their fingers as the House DFL leadership tells them how to vote. Oh, to be a fly on the wall.

But fear not, these libs will vote with their caucus when there's a veto to be overridden and I'll report on that too.


Jim said...

Very interesting. If Ruud is against it now she better continue to be against it when the veto comes along. I suspect you're right. A political move to show she isn't a "tax and spend" liberal (har har, yeah right). If she didn't have an exact vote count before the vote and knew it would pass, she probably would have supported it. Let the dems in solidly liberal areas take the heat for this first vote and then support a veto override with some lame excuse saying the "compromise" senate tax increase is better.

Or not, I'm just guessing, but it's very fishy. Either way, we're lucky to have a Republican gov to make them work for their tax increase even if Tim's plan could use more spending cuts as well.

Bill said...

John Benson 43B also voted against. Until now, he had a score of ZERO from the taxpayers league

Sheila said...

Ah- John Benson too- Mtka-
another liberal WHO NEEDS TO GO

Bill said...

Believe me, we're working on it.

BTW, Congrats on your CD3 gig.