Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Because We're Incapable of Cutting Spending....

Minnesota hits the national news today with the FBI raids on three money-transfer services in Minneapolis where money is being sent to Somalia and other African nations.

Then there was this story in the WSJ about our impending tax hikes.

At least 10 states are considering some kind of major increase in sales or income taxes: Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin. California and New York lawmakers already have agreed on multibillion-dollar tax increases that went into effect earlier this year.

Al Franken isn't the only embarassing thing about our state. According to non-partisan Tax Foundation we have the 41st worst business climate in the country (Oh, but we're so "educated"!) the 12th highest state/local income tax burden at 10.1% (I mean for those people who pay taxes) and the 3rd highest corporate income tax rate. It's becoming a true liberal paradise with out-of-control, unchecked entitlement spending that nobody seems to be willing to target and cut. Nope-- can't do that. Can't say to people "we don't have the money to give to you for free, we don't have it, we're sorry". More "revenue" is the DFL answer. It's ALWAYS their answer. What would these same Democrats do with their own household budgets to raise revenue? They'd have to work- that's what. But they don't have to work- they only need to steal from those who do.

The pounding of the nails in the coffin is starting to echo in my ears.


Jim said...

Isn't it exciting that MN is becoming so cosmopolitan! It doesn't take a natural disaster for MN to make national news these days.

The 20th hijacker and his flying lessons, home of the WI hunter killer, the first domestic suicide bomber, what other thrilling things will happen next? The first pirate attack on a paddle boat in the mighty Mississippi?

The Somali money transfer places (Hawala) are kind of interesting, actually. They operate outside of the normal banking system and kind of rely on trust and phone calls more than anything.

Yep, the liberal paradise is quite attractive to people who are disproportionately dependent on the government... like, oh, I don't know, certain people discussed above. Of course, the liberals encourage the endless increase in government dependents from all over the world (easy votes) and the conservatives are too afraid of being labeled racist to object. If you don't go out of your way to give welfare to people from the four corners of the earth, you aren't racist, you're just practical. You don't have to discriminate against them, but why discriminate for them at great expense? We should be weaning our domestic population off of welfare, not finding more people to put on it.

And yes, the necessary disclaimer must be added stating that not all refugees are dependent on the government, but if you dig into the statistics, you'll see that many, if not most, of them are with high numbers still receiving some kind of government benefit years after their arrival. Of course, it's not their fault for taking handouts offered, but why do we keep offering so many handouts?

From a strict kindness point of view, it's nice to give people opportunity in a new land, but from a practical point of view, there are probably billions of people all over who would like to have tax dollars piled on them, too. When does it end? Why did it start? Is a cab driver some horrible job that "Americans won't do?" Is that still true as unemployment accelerates toward 10%? Would that be true if there weren't so many government handouts for the unemployed? Is it more humanitarian to destroy the economy for everyone due to excessive and unsustainable Health and Human Services payments for a few? Social Security is going to break far sooner than previously projected, and the rest of the welfare programs aren't far behind.

Sheila said...

Drudge report says that Obama's working on an Immigration Plan (the Republicans should have been out with one in February as soon as Obmama had his budget out questioning how we were going to expand all the entitlement spending with all of the illegals in the country) now we'll be on the defense again

My dad drove a cab