Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bankrupt and Insipid- the Strib

The Star Trib is such a piece of garbage...

Obama's at the G20- the Congress is about to pass a $3 Trillion budget that will produce a $9.3 Trillion deficit over the next 10 years-

But THIS is the story they're pimping today on their home page.

Todd Palin says the $150K spent on wife's clothes in campaign 'out of our control'


Cool Gal said...

Hate that liberal piece of garbage.

suburban prep said...

They have to dig at everything that they can not control.

Goose said...

What's Michelle Obama's clothing allowance?

Cool Gal said...

Not enough...She looks like crap.

Jim said...

The sad part about Obama doubling the debt from $10T to $20T is that he and other Dems seem to try to justify it by commenting (truthfully) that Bush doubled the national debt from $5T to $10T.

Two wrongs make it right? Two wrongs give you the right to take one mistake and triple it?

This financial insanity has to stop, no matter which party is in charge. Some say we are a "nation of cowards," but we certainly are governed by financial cowards. When are they ever going to "make the hard choices" they keep talking about? Where's the "sacrifice" in government spending? Piling up the debt is the easiest and most cowardly way to run a government. No, the answer isn't more taxes, either... massive spending cuts (even if they are unpopular among the leeches, sponges, lobbyists, and well-connected few) are the only way to get this insanity in check, and a good way to ensure spending cuts is to "constrain the federal government to its legitimate constitutional functions," as you pointed out with the GOP platform. And legitimate should be a simple reading of Article 1, Section 8's enumerated powers, not some distortion of the commerce clause that makes any and all government action "constitutional."

Instead, we'll keep spending like some drunken sailor's fantasy (fantasy since a drunken sailor can't print money) and then expect some of the spending to be offset with a carbon tax and other taxes. If that's the goal, I too hope he fails. I also hope for change to a more sound economic policy of contained spending, but I'm not holding my breath.