Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Term Limits

I was watching some CSPAN this morning- they were supposed to be playing the TARP oversight hearings in the Senate Finance Committee- they finally cut away after 30 minutes of saluting Democrat Chair Max Baucus's 30 year tenure on the Committee. Each Senator gave personal stories of their own, then honored another long-serving Senator and then talked about Baucus. Republicans and Democrats in a mutual love-fest.

10am- during a workday- it was like "About Schmidt" with the retirement party at the bad restaurant- (except this guy isn't retiring- and in the movie the party was at night!)

No wonder these people GET NOTHING DONE. It's really sickening to me to sit in office that long. Get a life.


Jim said...

The same people in Washington for decades... that's change you can believe in. Of course, the people keep voting for them, and the parties keep endorsing them...

I suppose there are districting issues that guarantee some spots for a lifetime, but I find it hard to believe that no one else wants to give it a shot from within those districts. More likely is that the party insiders and various lobbyists are happy so the people never see another name on the ballot.

Goose said...