Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No Way

I just signed the Notre Dame petition to prevent President Obama from being honored as a commencement speaker there. He's the President, fine. But he's the most left-wing Pro-Abortion President we've ever had! Why would a Catholic University sign on for that?

Fellow conservative Catholics- sign here.


Jim said...

Off topic:

Is it just me, or is the finacial news being spun positively lately?

For example, there are two ways to report housing sales. Year-over-year comparisons, and month-to-month.

Now we get news about new housing saying that "The Commerce Department said sales rose 4.7 percent in February..." which sounds nice. This is up nearly 5% compared to January, which seems like a good thing. However, they could have just as easily made the announcement that "February's sales were still down by more than 40 percent from the same month a year earlier" as mentioned a little deeper in the article. That doesn't sound as rosey. Of course, these are all "seasonally adjusted" numbers using models and manipulations, so who knows how accurate they are. but relative to the other adjusted numbers I suppose you can compare.

Jim said...

Another off-topic, but good for Michelle Bachmann asking some tough questions to the money men the other day:


Also, boo to Barney for calling her a gentleman and the next questioner a gentlewoman, and also boo for not letting that last question be answered. What's the rush... they're throwing trillions of dollars around, but giving Michelle an extra 10 seconds would have ended the world, I'm sure.