Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Muppets on the Streets

Telly Monster expresses the fear and uncertainty of today's economy.....

I don't know why this made me giggle-maybe it's the thought of "The Count" in line for his unemployment check or Cookie Monster going on "" to look for a new acting gig...
Article from USA Today: Recession forcing layoffs at Sesame Workshop.

Sesame Workshop, the non-profit producer of Sesame Street and other kids' programs, is cutting about one-fifth of its workforce because of the economic downturn.

...Sesame Workshop gets revenue from product licensing and the sale of its programs to PBS and syndication. The company is also funded by government agencies, foundations and corporations.
They might have to close Mr. Hooper's store. Cookie Monster with no cookies? OK, maybe I'm actually sad. What is Obama going to DO about this??

P.S. Here is my all-time favorite Sesame Street clip-- which coincidentally is an excellent demonstration of liberal policies in action.


Cool Gal said...

What is Obama going to do about this? How about what is Pelosi going to do about this?

Perhaps the NEW stimulus bill she is proposing, estimated at around 500B, will help the gang at Sesame Street.

I think it's time for an "organized" protest. I am so angry I don't even know what to say!

Time for a modern day "tea party." Just what could we do?

Jim said...

About the only protest they'd care about would be if you stopped paying your taxes, but that's pretty hard with the withholding done by your employer and the IRS threats. Quite a system they have going to keep all the patriotic taxpayers in chains... I mean, volunteering to do their civic duty.