Monday, March 9, 2009

Long Time, No Blog

I think this is the longest time I've gone without blogging since I started in August. For those of you with blogs, you know you need some inspiration to keep up the pace. However, I was in Atlanta where I saw ONE- yes only ONE- Obama bumper sticker in a week's time. Where I was in a nail place and "The View" came on and a woman spouts- "I can't stand this show!" Ah, it was like a spa vacation away from all the nutty liberals around here! Of course upon my return I saw six- count them six- Obama bumper stickers at the Fairview Southdale Hospital parking lot today-- including this beauty:

That's Franken, Maria Rudd, Obama, Code Pink and a "Stop this Endless War" bumper sticker, ...I wonder how they feel about troops going to Afghanistan? Conflicted I bet. Minnesota is the LAND of bumper stickers.
While in Atlanta we celebrated Todd's 38th birthday at a Hibachi joint- (Todd picked up the tab for his party as a "farewell to the Bush tax cut" gift to the family).
Here are the Corbett sisters...Anne, me, Mary (we all have the same non-existent hairdo I've noticed).
Of course there were 9 kids running around, so perhaps not completely spa-like. More like the Duggar house. But, my older nieces were such great helpers with the girls- that I actually got to relax a little bit. We got a picture of all of the Corbett sisters' children for my dad's birthday (in matching outfits-- very Southern!) isn't it cute?

Now it's back to reality.
I'll try to get some posts up soon for my ten or so loyal readers...a lot to say- just need to get my brain clicking again.


Cool Gal said...

Love the "farewell to the Bush" tax cut gift to the family. Very generous. Enjoy it while you can. :)

Great picture of the kids. Of the sisters, too. I like your hairdos.

Liberal bumper stickers -UGH... Jon saw one the other day that said Reagan/Bush. Now that's one I would like to have on my car!

Preppy 101 said...

That pic is so darling!! Love it! - Very cute pic of the sisters, too - and the bi'day boy- can't leave him out. Franken - good grief. WTH is the world coming to!! I saw a sticker today that said McCain - see a lot of that here in good ole Tennessee ;-) Still even see "W" - ah - love it!

Jim said...

Here in MN I still see the "Wellstone!" once in a while and just have to roll my eyes.

Sheila, if you're hard up for blog topics, you can go back a week and look at the old news about our MN budget deficit (increased to $6.4B but offset by $1.8B of heavily strings attached federal money to bring it back to $4.6B).

With our magic 72 cents on the dollar formula, we're paying a lot more than $1.8B to get that money back.

Getting 72 cents back for each dollar to the feds means we pay about $1.39 for each dollar we get, so we'll pay $2.5B for that $1.8B (which we can only use for HHS and also has the requirement that we don't change state health care eligibility... which may end up costing more in the long run than the federal money we're getting).

I'd say MN should do some creative accounting and figure out a way to preemptively keep our $2.5B from MN taxpayers before the feds filter it down to $1.8B and give it back. Of course, Abraham Obama might not approve of this kind of state rebellion and could invade us with his Union forces drafted from the non-donor states ;)