Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Enough on his Plate" AGAIN

Here's the audio of Obama talking to reporters when he made his "2 degree" comment about the floods in North Dakota. (half-way down the page)

He goes right into organization of a cap and trade system immediately-- then wanders into acid rain, solar, wind, hydroelectric -- he refers to "dirty energy"....(Again, NO mention of nuclear).

3+ minutes of, uhs, laughter with the reporters chuckling along with him- a couple who help him along at one point.

He throws out that "we can save 30% on our energy bills just by doing things like changing light bulbs and installing new windows, I know you guys can save money in Fargo, it's cold up there".

WHY didn't one of these star-struck reporters ask a question immediately after the 2 degree comment: "Mr. President, what do you mean, what would a 2 degree temperature increase do to the flood situation today- were it to occur?" He would be bumbling and stumbling because he doesn't know what he's talking about.

I guess you need to go to journalism school to learn how to press play on your voice recorder.

In an interview with the same Fargo Forum reporter- Obama said this:

North Dakotans worried about the state’s robust coal mining and power generation industries shouldn’t fear that it will be crippled by a federal “cap and trade” program to regulate greenhouse gases, President Barack Obama said Monday.

“I don’t think this is something to be afraid about,” he said during a meeting with Forum Communications and other newspaper representatives.

“In terms of cap and trade, it would be great if climate change wasn’t actually going on and we could just pretty much burn any fossil fuel we wanted for as long as we wanted and not have to worry about the consequences of it,” Obama said. “It’d certainly make my life easier. I’ve got enough on my plate.”

There it is again-with the financial markets failing he said "I've got enough on my plate".

THIS man is the President of the United States for some 60 days now and he's "got enough on his plate". Why don't you skip the late night talk shows, Mr. President. The nerve.


Goose said...

Nope, don't be afraid of your coal business. From the same guy who said on the campaign trail that you are welcome to build a coal plant, but we'll bankrupt you (the government).

Double-talking populist...

Goose said...


No where, that's where.

25 people from FEMA. What a joke. I don't want to hear one more word about Katrina b.s. anymore.

Cool Gal said...

New windows?

Does he realize how much they cost?

I know someone who got a bid to replace a few rotting windows in the front of her house....$10,000. For 5 windows!

I bet the unemployed of Fargo are on the phone with Anderson Windows as we speak. Worrying about saving money on a home they just might not have in a couple of weeks if, God forbid, the river gets its way.

Off the subject a little, but I had to comment on that stupid remark.

Good point, Goose. WHERE IS FEMA? Doesn't your heart just break for all the people in the Fargo/Moorhead area. I am overwhelmed by their sense of community and how everyone is working together to save their towns.

Has that idiot even visited Fargo? Isn't that what presidents do?

Guess he's too busy visiting Leno, firing CEOs, and conducting Town Hall Meeting.

This guy is such a moron.