Thursday, March 19, 2009

Egotistical, Ingratiating and Intellectually-Challenged....all rolled into one

I can't get over this guy-- I can't get over it....

He's signed a BOOK DEAL days before he took the oath of office.

Shameless! Shameless! Using the Office of the President to negotiate your price...Hillary Clinton was called out by Watchdog groups and brought before the Senate Ethics Committee when she signed an $8 Million deal when her husband was still in you hear crickets chirping anyone?? This 2006 article on Obama's past book dealings is quite revealing too about how he operates-- he dumped the literary agent who discovered him as a Harvard Law Student for the same D.C. lawyer that brokered the Clinton and Bush book deals. The man has a $5 Million net worth and has never had a job outside of politics-- oh, I'm sorry, I forgot he was a "community organizer" and there's huge money in that.

As the author of the above linked article (who was involved in early Obama book deals) states:

Everyone agrees that our political system and values are being corroded by money. One subset of the cash culture is that public figures use books funded by large media companies to support a lifestyle that is possible only because their service to the country makes them salable.
...Americans admire people who make the most of what they have and Obama is certainly doing that. I just wish that this virtuous symbol of America’s aspirational class did not move quite so smoothly into a system of riches as a reward for service, especially before it has actually been rendered.

Isn't this the man who promised us "change"? He is the most self-serving phony we've seen in the White House. He will be a worse President than Jimmy Carter- who at least had some honor and didn't use the Office to elevate his personal fame and fortune.

Then there's "cool" Obama talking about the NCAA brackets and his picks and guest starring on Leno tonight. I thought he had "a lot on his plate"? He continues to need and crave the public's approval and tries to be "hip" as he ingratiates himself to the American people.

Lastly- I heard this one on Rush-- he lamented today at a campaign stop townhall meeting, P.R. tour that "The Model T had better gas mileage than today's SUV's"

I about fell over laughing- and Bush was the dummy, right? Bush was the dummy? I don't even need to address what an absurd statement this is to make...the man lacks basic reasoning skills.

And the comedians say there are no jokes for Obama- he's just not funny. Right.


Jim said...

Maybe the Congress will tax away 90% of his book "bonus."

Think of all the tax dollars used by every single public library (and school library) having to buy a few copies of his book.

Preppy 101 said...

You are so right about the desire and need to be "cool". . . so right.

Goose said...

President Obama keeps citing the 1990's as a great period of ecomomic prosperity for Americans. But, last I checked the Bush years are when his books came out and he made millions and Michelle did pretty good in her career as well, am I right?