Sunday, March 22, 2009

Community Organizing Hits the Big Time

Back on January 5th, before Barry was Inaugurated, I spelled out how things were going to work:

This is how his entire term is going to run- every time he has legislation he wants passed- there will be immediate coordination of Big Labor, the environmental groups and other Obama-worshipping sub-groups to back up what their messiah wants. They will run ads, hold rallies, do mailings/calling to shout down any opposition. They know how to coordinate.

I was right-on-- Check out this March 4th joint press release from the SEIU, AFSCME, ACORN, and "Americans United for Change" (a George Soros-funded group)

I missed the prediction that they'd be going door-to-door. They are- right now, here in Minnesota- to sell their hero's massive federal budget socialist agenda. "Obama for America" is now "Organizing for America" (Union mentality anyone?) Their campaign volunteers are now extensions of the Office of the President and the federal government.

Read this Star Tribune article- it's astounding.

Obama's budget campaign is relying on a network of groups -- including more than 40 labor, environmental and social justice organizations in Minnesota -- that can be counted on to rev up a $5 million to $7 million ground campaign of phone banks, e-mail blasts and door-knocking on behalf of the White House's new budget.

"This is the biggest, baddest coalition campaign I've ever worked on," said Jeremy Funk of the Democrat-aligned Americans United for Change.One of the local groups is Environment Minnesota, which is poised to enlist nearly 8,000 e-mail activists in a budget fight that normally draws the close attention only of inside-the-Beltway policy wonks and lobbyists.

"The message is Obama is trying to bring about some of the things he campaigned on," said Samantha Chadwick, an organizer with Environment Minnesota, which supports Obama's $646 billion cap-and-trade plan to curb carbon emissions. "He needs help from the same types of grass-roots people who supported his campaign."

According to the article- these groups are running AM radio ads against my U.S. Congressman (and former State Representative) Erik Paulsen . The election was 4 months ago!

Door-to-door campaigning is tough work. You have to be "up for it"- you have to have a thick skin and you have to hoof it. You need massive amounts of volunteers to do it and most people are very uncomfortable knocking on a door and talking to people. It's not my favorite thing in the world, but I know how important and effective it is, so I've done it.

The liberal groups pay a lot of college kids (enthusiastic liberals to begin with) to do this for data collection purposes. Clean Water, Sierra Club, NARAL- I've had them all at my door. They take that info and feed it into their databases. Add those databases to the Union databases and you can clearly see how massive votes are turned out for Obama and liberal candidates.

The terrible Mayor of Minneapolis, RT Ryback is pitching in with this new effort here:

However the debate plays out in Congress, the Obama grass-roots effort depends on communicating the nexus between money and policy. "You can't do anything in government without the money," Rybak said. "That's why this matters so much."

Spoken like a true fan of ginormous government.

The Star Trib- with it's usual bias adds:

Obama's shock troops believe they have the public on their side. The election was evidence of that. It's just that the campaign is not over.

A quick glance of the comment section of the Strib piece gives me hope- people are disgusted with the budget and "the love" Obama received during the election appears to be fading quickly- and THIS was a very blue state in November. Hmmm.


Jim said...

I'm sure the never-ending campaign will also use the "Obama Youth" to harvest names for Democrats, and they'll provide that info to Madia or whoever they run against Paulsen.

So, what the heck was Erik thinking when he voted FOR that goofy GIVE (Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education... *rolls eyes*) act?

I applaud Erik for voting against trillions in other stuff, but seriously... SCHIP... GIVE... what's next?

Sheila said...

I just sent an email.

I don't understand why he'd vote for that...$6Billion over 5 years

"It would also create additional "corps" to expand the reach of volunteerism into new sectors, including a Clean Energy Corps, Education Corps, Healthy Futures Corps and Veterans Service Corps, and it expands the National Civilian Community Corps to focus on additional areas like disaster relief and energy conservation."

it makes me sad.

Goose said...

Yeah, I sent Erik an email on the AIG bonus tax bill and asked him not to support that (shame on the Republicans who did at least no MN GOP reps did), which he didn't, but don't get this GIVE thing.