Monday, January 5, 2009

We've Only Just Begun

Well Obama has come out with his "stimulus" plan and there are no surprises here:

  • Redistribute hard earned money from people who pay taxes to those who don't.
  • Bail out irresponsible state governments so they can hand out more welfare.
  • Tax breaks for companies to create jobs- uh, huh- which companies? I'll be very interested to see where these go.

Here's a new one:
  • Start giving unemployment benefits to part-time workers-- excuse me??
And how-exactly- does all of this create jobs? This is welfare, welfare, welfare. I still see job listings on, I still see "Now Hiring" signs in storefronts. No, there aren't as many jobs, no they may not pay as much, but there are jobs available. Why not get two jobs? Why not work full-time if you're only working part-time?

I don't get it. I'm not trying to be dense, but I don't get it.

My favorite item from the Fox New Story:

Obama is also scheduled to give a major economic policy address on Thursday. Ahead of that as many as 20 groups that supported Obama during the election are planning to hold rallies calling for quick action on his stimulus proposal.

This is how his entire term is going to run- every time he has legislation he wants passed- there will be immediate coordination of Big Labor, the environmental groups and other Obama-worshipping sub-groups to back up what their messiah wants. They will run ads, hold rallies, do mailings/calling to shout down any opposition. They know how to coordinate.

The money will hit their pockets- and bingo votes are bought.

And it's only the beginning.


Jim said...

I saw a short clip of this on Nightly Business Report.

Here's the full clip: (4 min)

Say what you will about his other policies, but when it comes to the economy, he's dead on. What other member of Congress tells the truth like that? Yes, Madoff ran a Ponzi scheme and a criminal fraud (which was already illegal, and the silly SEC investigated him 8 times lending credibility to him), but why do we ignore Social Security, fractional reserve banking, and $8 trillion in funny-money bailouts so far (with more on the way as you just posted)?

We'll get more incompetent, expensive, and ineffective regulation, more bailouts to generate continual moral hazards, and the usual compounding of the social[ist] services and "entitlement" debt.

These are not solutions. This is not leadership. This is economic cowardice. It's just the same old flawed Keynesian "spend your way to prosperity" that brought us a long period of stagflation before the next bubble came along (which is now bursting). It's short-sighted junk economics spouted by big-government hacks and parroted on TV over and over until the common boob accepts it as fact. Just like the need for more regulation. Just like the need for a carbon tax (now that gas is "cheap" that will come back, just wait).

Sheila said...

I'm having some issues getting video to run on this connection- but I see it's Ron Paul- I'll have to watch.

Ron Paul was dead-on about a lot of things, no doubt about it.

The fear-mongers at the head of the GOP (especially here in Minnesota) continue to use him as some sort of odd scapegoat for their own failings.

The U.S. Government brings new meaning to "money doesn't grow on trees".

Until Republicans are willing to come forward and calling for spending to be cut and explain why and get back to our basics of smaller government instead of Republican-packaged big-government solutions- we will stay in the woods. However- we have the much tougher sale- no doubt about it. Taking the spiritual concept of "hope" and selling it as a political position is much, much, much easier.