Friday, January 30, 2009

Union Pay-Back Time

Obama and Biden are speaking now in the White House to representatives of Big Labor...(I wonder if there's a lobbyist in the room?)

They are getting huge rounds of applause from the crowd as they take about making things more fair for the middle class and the poor. "We're on your side again". They are even saying "um, hm" out loud (you can hear it!)-- Talk about a new religion! Can I hear an AMEN!

They're ripping on Bush- they just can't help themselves. Biden made a snarky remark about the "Vice President's task force will be transparent" and repeated it like a comic and got his big laugh from the audience (a rip on Cheney). Could he be any less dignified?

They're launching a website for people to "share their stories"
(It wasn't up when I clicked it).

Obama is putting Biden in charge of the "Middle Class Task Force" and lists his credentials for the job as "growing up as a working class kid in Scranton, PA". Biden says all people want is for "the government to understand the problems" (of the middle class)- they want the kind, caring, love of big government.

Biden also talks about "green jobs" as part of this initiative and "shared prosperity".

Talk, talk, talk and yet they NEVER define what Middle Class is.

Hole getting deeper.

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