Monday, January 19, 2009

Thoughts on Obamarama

I'm in a partial media-blackout mode. Just not that interested in the theatre of this week.

Even so, while flipping through channels I saw the rock concert with Obama bobbing his head along to the music of Sheryl Crow and Will I. Am singing a duet. How absurd.

I wonder how much Michelle Obama's custom-made Narciso Rodriguez camel outfit that she wore yesterday is worth? Ah, who cares what she spends right?

Who cares that this has got to be one of the most self-indulgent Inauguration weeks in history. A whistle-stop tour following the route that Lincoln took to the White House? Wow. Who cares that spending $150 Million is tasteless right now and if it were a Republican....well, you finish the sentence.

I could take this all lightly and laugh about it, but when Obama called for a new Declaration of Independence the other day, a shiver went up my spine. Isn't the Declaration one of the greatest documents in the history of western civilization? Is anybody going to call him on such a bold statement?

He called for a declaration of freedom from small-mindedness, selfishness and ideology. Translation- "you're going to work harder, my government's going to spend more, we're going to take even more of your money and if you don't like it then you're a small-minded, selfish, ideologue".

Then he said "people who love this country can change it". Change it to what? Change it from the world's superpower to an acquiescing nation of wimps? Change it from a capitalist country to a socialist one? What is he talking about? Will anybody ask him to clarify?

You'd think that he won in some landslide. He didn't. He won 53% to 46% (and that was against a pretty weak 72-year-old Washington Insider as the GOP opponent). If I hear one more commentator (Democrat or Republican) say "now is the time to come together, now is the time for bipartisanship", I will scream.

Oh, okay, now's the time. NOW's the time?? Not for the last 7 years, NOW. Not when Bush tried to do something on Social Security, not when Bush tried to do something on Actually, for Republicans, now is the time to learn from liberals and openly question Democrats every single step of the way from day one. When ridiculously simple notions of jump starting an economy by building windmills are presented, it is our job to call that idea what it is....stupid. We women can also call out the hypocrisy of the press questioning the cost of Sarah Palin's wardrobe while fawning over everything Michelle Obama wears.

Predictions now (easy ones): Obama will continue to campaign, rather than lead. He is the ultimate Commander-in-Marketing-Chief. Every issue he tackles will be branded and then appropriately marketed to the people accompanied by slick, expensive web and TV commercials. He will show his abs in Hawaii anytime things get too sticky in D.C. He will fumble in live press conferences (but he won't get called on it because his trademark "ums and ahs" are seen as intellectual, and his charm will soon wear thin with "average" Americans if people don't start seeing action on the economy (and talking about green energy isn't going to do the trick).

It will take a true crisis to see how he really leads and for our country's sake, I hope we don't face one with him in the White House.


Ginny said...

awesome. i loved this. it is so true and perfectly written.

Preppy 101 said...

No matter how wonderful this honeymoon is, we know it won't last. And I don't know when or how, but it won't. Even Gwen Iffil said that the other day on the news. . . He has already back-pedaled enough to end up in Hawaii - about how this is gonna take time, it can't be fixed overnight, blah, blah. During the campaign he said he could fix "it".... all of it - Well, that's what I heard anyway!

liz said...

Sheila - so glad you are blogging a bit again. This post is music to our ears. Now, you know, I'm an evil white Republican who, apparently, has not yet embraced what is "right," but here's my question: wouldn't the $150M spent on Obama's lovefest go a long way at a food shelf?

liz said...

P.S. Sheila, you missed the Today Show segment discussing Michelle's wardrobe choices for the inauguration. Apparently, what she wears will send such an overwhelming message of hope, peace, optimism, sunshine and rainbows, that Americans will feel confidence is resored. Oh, so THAT'S the answer!