Friday, January 23, 2009

Some Entertainment

I found this cute little post about me on a little Twin Cities liberal blog.

Balancing the budget on the backs of the poor

If you’re a staunch, ideologically-driven conservative, the answer to our budget crisis is simple: slash funding for welfare. It’s easy, as I’ve discussed before, to simply act like the poor are all lazy bums who don’t deserve the “handouts” they’re being given.

The righty blogosphere is happy to oblige. …and some more extremism from The Activist Next Door:

Health and Human Services spending in this state is ridiculous. Cut it. Cut welfare. Quit making is so attractive for people to move here who can’t afford our above-average cost of living. Cut the maximum amount of time that people can collect welfare in this state from 60 months to 12 months.

Here’s the irony, though. It’s easy to call for massive cuts to the social safety net when you’re in The Activist Next Door’s position:

We’re looking at a $30,000 tax hike per year for my family under Obama

Well, cry me a river. Her family’s taxes are higher than many’s incomes. I can’t even imagine making as much money as she does at any point in my life. I wonder, can she even imagine being in a position where the social safety net means the difference between feeding your family and starving? For those who have no need, and who can’t conceptualize what other families are going through, the safety net is a useless waste.

So once we cut welfare, which piece of our safety net should we destroy next? How about social security? Or perhaps we should stop providing healthcare to the elderly? Maybe we should do away with unemployment assistance. Sound extreme? Destroying these links in the safety net is no more extreme than crippling our welfare system.

For some families, programs like Welfare and Food Stamps are the only thing getting them through economic times. Should we really be balancing the budget on their backs? You’d think the wealthiest among us would be happy to pay their fair share; instead, they’re suggesting that we solve the budget crisis by kicking the poorest while they’re down.

Oh, dear little liberal dolt...

It isn't ironic that I want welfare cut when our household pays a ridiculously high share of taxes. If you're a liberal you could call it selfish or unconscionable or something like that, but my dear, it's certainly not ironic. (How to tell if you're dealing with a smug little wanna-be intellectual-- misuse of the word ironic).

And honey- I wasn't even talking about our total tax bill- just an estimate of letting the Bush tax cuts expire and removing the Social Security Income cap. The young person (please, let's hope they're young) also ties my potential increased federal tax liability to my calls to cut state-based health and human services which also doesn't compute.

I ask again- aren't liberals funny? I'd be laughing if they didn't have the power to take more of our money (that grows on a magic tree in our backyard that I prune with golden shears while eating Godiva bon-bons all day).


Prep-E Girl said...

Giggle - go read The Prepublican! I left you some love!


raisingmykidsright said...

Wow... imagine cutting the time from 60 months to 12 months, you are really hard core Sheila. Seriously, what are these liberal thinking? Do they write this crap without thinking? I sent you an article about how much money we conservatives give away. Let's see this guy write about that. He has no idea how much you personally contribute to charity, I've seen your generosity first hand. What did he do this Christmas? Who did he help? I want to know.

Sheila said...

Thanks Prep-Girl-

LOVE the Prepublican club

Tickled Pink And Green said...

It reminds me of the illegal immigration debate, and all the liberals will tell you the usual crapola "We're all immigrants" or "Immigrants are what built this country" blah, blah, blah.

Yeah, but back then we didn't have the candy store open 24/7 to the immigrants. They got here, they worked hard and they got nothing if they didn't earn it.

Very, very different.

Mary said...

Bloggers who can only write in response to other people's opinions aren't real bloggers. Anybody can do it. Much harder to put out original ideas.

Sheila said...

Mary- you're exactly right it's much harder to put down your own thoughts-the liberal bloggers around here use my posts all the time as content and then debate me on their blogs because they know I won't let them post here- it's pathetic.