Thursday, January 8, 2009

Solid as Barack

This had me rolling over laughing this morning-


Just in: On Jan. 20, Ashford & Simpson will release a single version of Solid (As Barack), a remake of their popular # 1 single Solid (As A Rock), originally released in 1984. Demand has been overwhelming since a recent airing of a version of the song was sung by cast members on Saturday Night Live. This new version, complete with expanded lyrics for the entire song, is a reverential tribute to President-elect Barack Obama.


Preppy 101 said...

Really?? Really. Give me a break.

Mary said...

This is just too much. Way too much.

Goose said...

It's all love and happiness and milk chocolate flowing rivers right now. I guess people have forgotten that we are still fighting a war in Iraq and against Al Qaida around the world??? Oh well, Barack is in charge now, everything will be OK!

Let's see how solid he is when Iran and Russia flex their muscles, push Hillary out of the way, and PEBO has to decide whether to issue the launch codes for nukes to protect the Amercian citizens.

It's OK, let them build him up to be as big as they want; the fall is always harder.

David said...

That is hilarious. I cannot wait for the Scorpions remake "Barak me Like a Hurricane."