Monday, January 19, 2009

Pretty Morons

I really needed a good laugh after a very tough week and this did it for me.

My sister sent me this....

Watch the video:

MySpace Celebrity and Katalyst present The Presidential Pledge

Then read the brilliant commentary by Andrew Breitbart....he's with me on the "NOW?" concept.

I made it to this line in the video "I pledge to reduce my use of plastic" and then I was laughing so hard I could hardly stop. I'm hormonal and emotional lately so that may have had something to do with it...but I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. (Well last night I laughed pretty hard when my sister asked me in all seriousness if I would buy a tauntaun if I could and ride it around Minnesota in bad weather....I replied, "definitely" and guessed it would retail for about $7,995).

Here's my sister's pledge about the Hollywood video:

I pledge to never buy a celebrity magazine again....To thank God every day that I'm not a high school drop-out, knocked up but not married, tattoed, stupid, more money than a stupid person should EVER have, former drug-addict-turned Political Activist."

Here's mine:

I pledge to continue my ongoing boycott of all movies and music made by these morons which really isn't all that difficult because none of these people make good movies or music. Now- the Dixie Chicks? That was a tough one to give up.

Just think if all of the money spent on drugs and plastic surgery by this ship of fools was spent on a real cause what they could actually do instead of making web videos to try to guilt the rest of the populace.

Solei Moon Frye and Ashlee Simpson? Artists indeed. Thank goodness these idiots play for the other side.

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liz said...

I pledge to continue to drive an SUV, to proudly double-bag my groceries, to buy the Costco-sized plastic water bottles and to always point out the hypocrisy of Hollywood.