Sunday, January 25, 2009


A new Pew Research Poll shows that Global Warming is at the bottom of the list of "Top Priorities" for 2009 with only 30% of people putting it at the top of their list. Poor global warming!

Economy, Jobs, Terrorism rank #1, 2, 3. These are traditional Republican issues.

This poll is really interesting to me and demonstrates my theory of public opinion.

30% of us are Conservatives (we're mostly in our 30's and 40's)
30% of us are Liberals (20's and Boomers)
40% are a bunch of followers....this includes people who say they are Republicans and Democrats, Moderates, Independents....they sit back and see who the winner is going to be, what the popular choice is....

Factor that poll in with the recent Gallup poll that all of us are hearing about Barack Obama- that he has a approximately a 68% approval rating, a 12% disapproval rating and 21% with no opinion....Why?

1. Republicans are more polite. I've talked to many who are saying things like "we need to give him a chance" (not me- I don't need to give him a chance to know what he's going to do). So they're the "no opinion".

2. The media would have you think you're a leper if you DON'T support Obama. So that swings all the people in the middle. I've had girlfriends say "I feel like we're losers now". Yeah, we are losers technically. But remember the media has worked for two decades to make us feel like we're the minority- we're not.

Republicans need to start leading (it's been a while). People won't be following anytime soon, we need a consistent message before that happens. But the work must start now.

And when you hear Democrats and the media insist we need to work with Obama- we don't. If he crafts policies that reflects our values (as Bush did for liberals when he expanded Medicare by $770 Billion over ten years to include Prescription Drug Coverage) then sure we can work with Obama. But, I'm not holding my breath.

His party has all of the power, they can pass whatever they want without our help. Although having no control is scary and frustrating, it can also be liberating and I hope our party can get back to the basics and provide alternative solutions to the issues Americans care most about right now- the Economy, Jobs and Terrorism.

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IPG said...

This is a fantastic commentary.
I think that you forgot another part of the population roughly 25% would be the hopelessly uninformed. These are the people that get all their information from either other people or from the grossly biased media. :)

I agree though that the population breaks down like this though.